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Vacation mode is a way of going away from Battle Dawn for a period of time while ensuring that your colony will not be deleted.


How do I go into vacation mode?

Vacation mode can be accessed by clicking on your colony, selecting profile and then clicking "Vacation" there will then be a prompt telling you what vacation entails (See below). Enter your account password and click the Start Vacation button. A dialogue box will appear, asking you if you are sure that you wish to enter vacation mode. Once you click yes, you will be automatically logged out.

File:Vacation mode.png

If you made a mistake or wish to cancel vacation, you can log back into the world at any point in the 12 ticks after the request was sent and the process will be canceled. Once the 12 ticks has passed you cannot log into your colony for another 36 ticks, this is prevent players abusing vacation to quickly hide from an attack and then log back in later that day.

Vacation mode will only effect the world you have activated it on and you can be in vacation indefinitely or until the world resets.

What effects does vacation mode have?

  • Your colony will not be deleted whilst you are on vacation.
  • You can still be attacked.
  • Your colony will not produce resources during vacation mode.
  • Your colony will display that you are on vacation.
  • Vacation can last up to the end of the round if necessary, regardless of your status as a supporter.

I can't go on vacation, why?

You will not be able to go on vacation while you have moving squads or outgoing attacks or in possession of a relic, so check that if you get an error message.

How do I cancel vacation mode?

Simply log into the world you activated it on. You can't log in for the first 48 ticks of vacation mode (IE, vacation must last at least 48 hours) and logging in in the first 12 ticks will cancel it (as above). Vacation mode effects only the individual world(s) you activate it on, and is only canceled by logging into that specific world.


You activate Vacation for your colony on tick 500.

  • From tick 500-512: Logging in in this time will cause vacation to be cancelled.
  • From tick 513-548: You are not able to log into the world at all.
  • From tick 549 onwards: Logging in at any time will cause the vacation mode to deactivate for that world.
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