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Training Base

A Training base is a type of outpost upgrade which can be used as a place to recruit units other than your colony however a Training Base can only train 30 units compared to 60 units which the main base can train. Training times and costs are the same as in the main base.


Training base upgrade icon
  • A Training base requires 500 metal Image:Metal_Symbol.jpg‎ and 2000 oil Image:Oil_Symbol.jpg‎ to construct.
  • A Training base requires the farm level 4 to be built.
  • For a Training base to be built requires an outpost with 24 control ticks on it in order to be upgraded.
  • A Training base also needs 6 control ticks before it can be downgraded (Note: Even after you upgrade it yourself unlike certain outpost upgrades which can be downgraded instantly if upgraded yourself)
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