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Trade is the system where you can give metal or oil (see resources) to other players in your alliance. Trading costs 10image:Energy Symbol.jpg.

Important: You can only trade earned resources (not boosted resources) to other players in your alliance.

Trading is very useful as you can help another player who needs metal or oil for one reason or another. It can also be very useful in some other situations such as when you know you have a spy in your colony so can give away all your oil to someone else to stop the spy from burning it.

You are only able to trade if you have Resource Converter level 5 or if you are a supporter.

How To Trade

1. Click on the colony you want to trade it will give you several options, click on the indicated bubble. (for Trade)

  • Image:tradebutton.png

2. Next choose the amount you want to send and then click 'Send' but make sure you have 10image:Energy Symbol.jpg to actually send it.

  • Alliance Overview

3. Afterward, you should receive a trade news in your events menu. You will also receive one if you get resources rather than dish them out.

Note: You must be in your alliance for atleast 100 ticks before you're able to trade resorces.

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