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The Teleport Gate is useful once you have it. You could make yourself a network of gates if you really wanted to! The Teleport Gate can also be used when you're heading to an allied colony or Gate Op which can make it useful for last minute reinforcements.

How To Get It

The Teleport Gate is the Tech 5 Technology Structure. A full list of requirements can be found in the Structure List.

It takes Image:Tick Symbol.jpgTime: 24 Hours, Image:Metal Symbol.jpgMetal: 5000, and Image:Oil Symbol.jpgOil: 3000 to build.

How To Use It

In order to gate you send a squad movement as normal, but instead of clicking "Launch" there should be a "Jump to Gate" option. This takes place instantly and deducts energy instead of oil. The cost is that of half the ETA of your travel. A 12-tick movement would cost 6 energy to gate. You can only teleport to/from:

  • Your colony (If you have the Gate built)
  • Your own gate outposts.
  • A gate outpost in your alliance.
  • An allied colony who has the Gate built.

There are several reasons the gate may not work.

  • Destination/origin gate/colony is jammed
  • Destination/origin gate/colony has less than 24 control ticks
  • You lack the necessary energy
  • Gate is out of the squad's traveling range.

Aside from those four things, if indeed you are attempting to travel between two gates, it will work instantly.

Note: Owning a Gate Structure will put a gate inside your colony which allows you to teleport in and out of your castle. It also allows you to upgrade your outposts into gates. When you first make a gate it will be obstructed for 3-6 ticks before being able to gate to it. If you take a gate from an enemy then you must wait 24 ticks (control ticks) until you can use it.

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