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Metal = Gold = Minerals
Oil = Lumber = Gas

Taxation, conquering and being conquered is a large part of the game.If you are unconquered, then you can attack and conquer other unconquered colonies. When you do so, you gain extra resources per tick (taxation) from the conquer, while they're still under your control. You receive taxation in the form of metal and oil. The amount of resources you gain from a conquer is equal to:

Metal: (Workers / 500) x 4
Oil: (Workers / 500) x 3

Worked example:

If a conquer has 500 workers, then you receive:

Metal/Gold = (500/500) x 4 = 1 x 4 = 4 metal taxation per tick. Oil/Wood = (500/500) x 3 = 1 x 3 = 3 oil taxation per tick.

The conquer does not lose the resources they "pay" in tax. You keep control of a conquer until the colony is deleted, rebels from you, or you are conquered. You can also force relocation which also liberates a conquered colony, and you can choose to liberate it as an act of good will.


If you are conquered, which is very likely if you're a new player, you can initiate a rebellion at any time you have 72 or more Control Ticks by clicking on your colony and then clicking the fist. Rebelling takes 24 ticks, if you successfully make it through the 24 tick period without being attacked and losing (to anyone), you are free!

Being Conquered

Most players are conquered at some point during their Battle Dawn careers, even the best! If you're conquered, there's no need to panic. It can be a good opportunity to build up your colony without being attacked, as you won't be attacked if you're already conquered: there's nothing to gain (Unless you have a crystal).

You lose no resources while you're conquered, but you will not be able to conquer other colonies while you are conquered. If you free yourself too quickly without building, you'll find that you will be conquered again soon, it's a harsh world! Use the "safety time" to build up structures and army.

Also, try talking to your conqueror. Some conquerors may give you advice on how to grow in the game, as well as sometimes offer assistance. If you have a good relationship with your conqueror, he may help you, free you or maybe even invite you into his alliance. You have nothing to lose by asking!

Force Relocation

If you're a conqueror, you have the option to move, or force relocate, an annoying conquer. In order to do this, you must have an outpost with full (24 or more) control ticks and have controlled the conquer you wish to move for 48 ticks or more.

Click on the colony you wish to relocate and select the symbol that has an arrow pointing towards the ground. After that, select the outpost you wish to relocate the colony to, and confirm. This costs no resources for either player. Force relocating also liberates the colony, and resets its control ticks. Any squads and spies on the colony you force relocate will not move with it, but stay on the outpost it leaves behind. Any units not in squads in the Main Base (recruiting or completed) will move with the colony. Spy infiltration will reset to 0, and spy protection will move with the colony (interestingly, any spy protection on the target outpost will be moved to the outpost left behind).

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