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Squads are groups of units which group together so they can move from place to place. The maximum units you can have in a squad is dependent on what kind of units you have inside, but you can send more then one squad to any location. Whenever you send out a squad you have to pay the oil for the carrier to fly there.



Each squad has 30 'storage' and each unit inside costs a certain amount of storage points. Infantry cost 1 storage, vehicles cost 2 storage, and tanks cost 3 storage. Some example squads are:

30 infantry
15 vehicles
10 tanks
5 tanks and 15 infantry
10 vehicles and 10 infantry
3 tanks 1 infantry and 10 vehicles

Creating Squads

You can create squads by going into your orders menu and clicking on your "Training Base" or "Main Base" squads. If you already have units trained, you click on the small green triangle next to them and click on the squad you're moving them into, you can hold down CTRL while clicking units to add them one at a time to a stack, or hold SHIFT and click two units to select all the units in between to the stack, this stack can then be given any command a single unit can be given, such as 'rush', 'disband', or 'move to squad'. You can do this then click create new squad and name it whatever you want.

Moving Squads

Squad Moving to Allied Target

To move a squad, you click on it on the main map screen and a line of travel should appear. A small window will also come up.

The further you send a squad the more ticks and the more oil it will take. You can not send a squad more than 24 ticks away. Once you have set a target you can then click confirm and the squad will head in the route you set. You can see it flying to your target. You can select more than one squad at a time using the same CTRL or SHIFT methods and send them all at once.

Here are some extra tips about moving squads:

  • Moving squads to an allied outpost/colony takes half as long as it does to attack a colony (rounded accordingly)
  • It takes as much oil to make a 3 (or 4 or 5 etc) tick deployment as it does a 3 tick attack, however you can travel twice as far on a 3 tick deployment as you can on a 3 tick attack.
  • However, deployments of 13 ticks or more are impossible - the maximum range of deployment is the same as the maximum range of attack.

All of these tips may be altered depending on the distance to the destination.

The squad details window, showing details of allies units

By clicking on moving squads within your alliance you may see a "?" on top of the squads giving you the squad details of those moving squads

Order Menu

Squads tab
The Squads tab in the Order Menu is a list of all your squads. It can be found by clicking on the Orders button at the top left of the screen. It tells you the number of units and name of each squad, the squad's ETA, (number of ticks to reach their destination) and a colored icon indicating the squads mission. There is also a button to focus on the squad's location and another to cancel the mission and return to base.

Perhaps the most important feature of the Order menu is the ability to move a squad by selecting it's name from the list. This is useful when multiple squads are stacked in one location, because normally only the most recently created squad can be selected when you click a location.

Delaying Squads

Players squad delayed to reach an op at 24 ETA

To "delay" a squad, you click on the arrows next to the words "Delay ETA". Pressing 'up' will delay your squad from the target 1 tick, whereas pressing 'down' will reduce the delay by 1 tick (until it reaches 0). Delaying squads is a very useful feature, especially if you want to join in on an alliance attack, but you will be offline when they start attacking.

Delayed squads:

  • Do not show up on anyone's but your alliance's screens, until they are at the original ETA without any delay left.
  • Are still able to be spy-attacked, until they are at the original ETA without any delay left.
  • Still defend the op or colony they are moving/attacking from, until they are at the original ETA without any delay left.
  • Can still be hit by incoming nukes.
  • Do show up on military/advanced scans on the op/colony they are being sent from, but do not show up on incoming scans on the op/colony you are sending the squads to attack until the delay is gone and they are visible to the enemy.

Squad Colors

Squad docked on your colony

Squads that are visible to your radar are color-coded to show their purpose and relation to you. These colors allow you to zoom out and get a big-picture view of all military activity within your alliance's radar range.

The body of the squad is generally colored the same as the colony that owns it:

  • White squads belong to you.
  • Green squads belong to one of your alliance members.
  • Yellow colored squads belong to neutral alliances and colony's with no alliance.
  • Red squads belong to hostile/red flagged alliances.
  • Blue squads belong to allied/blue flagged alliances.

The ring or halo around a squad shows what it is currently doing.

  • A black halo surrounds squads that are not moving and defending a location.
  • A red halo is for squads that are moving to attack a colony or outpost.
  • Blue halos are for squads that are returning to base or moving to defend an allied colony or outpost.
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