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Video Guide

You can check out the basic video guide for a basic run-down of spies before you read this page. You can find the video here.


In Battledawn, every colony and outpost can be infiltrated by a Spy planting an Agent. Spies are units, just like a normal squad, except they travel alone. To move one to a colony to infiltrate, you move it as you would a normal squad. Spies do not fight squads as normal, instead plant undercover agents in targets who can then later preform covert ops. Spies can move freely, whenever you want them to, even if the location they are on is locked down.

Note: A spy moves at the same speed as a defending unit, meaning that it can arrive faster than attacking units, which can be useful.

Spies have a one-time cost of 1 Image:Worker Symbol.jpg and 25 Image:Energy Symbol.jpg when they're trained. Spies take 24 ticks to train, and once trained you can't lose it. Once a spy is seated on a target, he may plant an agent for 25 Image:Energy Symbol.jpg. Note that agents cannot move from their target, and each ruler can have a maximum of 10 agents at a time.

Conducting Covert Ops

Planting an Agent

Move the spy to the colony or outpost you wish to infiltrate. Plant an agent by clicking on the target, then the Action bubble that pops up, and finally selecting "Plant Agent" and hitting Confirm.Each tick you leave the Agent there, it will gain an infiltration tick. The more infiltration ticks you have, you have a higher chance of successully pulling a spy attack.

Conducting a Covert Operation

To carry out a spy attack, click on the target and open the Actions menu. To the right of the menu there is a list of Covert Operations. You must have certain structures to carry out certain spy attacks. You also need to have enough infiltration ticks. Select the spy attack you wish to carry out, hit Confirm and wish for luck!

Spy Battles

Infiltration points will work as spy protection on alliance’s outposts and colonies. If we imagine that A (40), B (30), C (20), D (100) and E (40) got spies on A’s outpost that has 20 protection ticks as well and A, B and C are in the same alliance(numbers within the parentheses is their infiltration ticks). Let’s say that D tries to spy attack the outpost. D has 100 infiltration point and will first go against the spy protection. 100-20=80, it will then fight the owner of the outpost (A) (if the owner does not have an agent in this place, skip this step), 80-40=40 infiltration points for D. D will then fight the one in the alliance with the highest infiltration points (B), 40-30=10 infiltration points, and then it will fight the last person in the alliance (C) 10-20=-10, meaning that D’s agent will have failed and died, while C got 10 infiltration points left. E who is not in the alliance, does not participate in the spy battle at all.


If your infiltration was higher than the target's spy protection, then you would have succeeded. Yet if there were agent(s) from the other alliance on the target with infiltration, then your agents would fight with theirs after you "fight" with the spy protection.

Agent on an outpost - enemy captures

If your agent is on an outpost and that outpost is captured by your enemy, there is a 1 tick cooldown for lockdown. Other operations are still possible. However, infiltration is reduced by 50%

Relics and Garrisons

Any relic or garrison cannot be spy attacked while under admin control. Once a relic is controlled by a player, spies are able to perform covert ops on the player controlled relic.

Disbanding an Agent

If you wish to remove your agent from an outpost or colony that you have been infiltrating, you have the option to "disband" it, which is basically deleting it. You can do a covert action to make sure the agent is no longer there, but that uses energy, disbanding doesn't.

Some common reasons for disbanding agents are:

You need an agent somewhere else
Example: You need an agent at Op 15, but you already have 10 agents which means you can't plant one on Op 15 (remember, you can have a maximum of 10 agents at one point in time). In order to be able to plant an agent on Op 15, you disband an agent from another op.

You need more worker growth
Don't forget that for each agent that is planted, it adds -1 to your worker growth.

How to disband an agent?

  1. Open your "Orders" screen at the top left, and click on the "Agents" tab to the left
  2. Select the agent you wish to disband, and hit the red X disband button


If a nuke hits a target with an agent, all the agents in the target will die.

Spy Protection

Spy protection or spy alert is important to avoid the possibly fatal effects of agents on yourself. It's the primary means of defending against spies, and should be maintained at all times. The amount of spy protection you have is shown as a little orange box at the button right of your colony. Your colony's spy protection does not extend to your outposts.

Adding Protection

While your master spy is on your colony, or any allied location, you will gain 1 Spy Protection per tick. Which means if you put your master spy onto your colony, after 5 ticks, you will have 5 more spy protection.

To add more protection, you exchange Image:Energy Symbol.jpg 50 Energy for 50 Spy Protection Points a time. You may exchange multiple times for more protection.

file:Spy page actions.png

1. Click on your colony or outpost.

2. Click on the actions icon.

file:Spy Protnov.jpg

3. In the window that appears, click "Add Spy Protection"
4. Then click "Confirm"

If this is the first purchase of Spy Protection, a dark green box with the number "50" will appear at the bottom right of the colony or outpost. Additional purchases will increment this number by 50 points each time.

Whilst your spy and agent is stationed at an allied target (be it outpost, colony or even relic, belonging to you or an alliance member) you can place spy protection at the reduced rate of 20 Image:Energy Symbol.jpg for 50 spy protection ticks.

Losing Protection

For every tick that passes, 1 Spy Protection point is automatically lost. More is lost if someone attempts to carry out a covert op.

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