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There sometimes are special themed rounds with other objectives other than to capture all 10 relics, or sometimes to celebrate a holiday a change in game display.

Special Rounds

Special rounds are usually run by the admin, there are given scenarios and he challenges the alliances on the world to complete them. Some special themed rounds are listed below with a little description:

-Kashira Event-

Alien Invasion - a full alliance of hostile colony's pops up and has no greater desire than to see the world crumble beneath them.

-Zombie Event-

Zombie Invasion - Much like the Kashira Event, Spread out colony's each leaders of the invasion for there continent send out super units and regular "Zombie Units" Out to destroy you.

-Clones Event-

Clone Inavasion- Upcoming Event on M2 more details will be available soon.

What is the Players goal? The Players Goal is to fight back, take Garrisons/Relics/Colonys to earn tokens and respect from your fellow dawner's

Special Events

Sometimes because of a special event/holiday there might be some changes in game display, one of the most famous is the Battle Dawn Christmas Units.

Battle Dawn Christmas Units When it nears christmas the Battle Dawn Christmas Units will appear, they are all of your normal units but they are all dressed up for christmas. There will be snowmen and santa clause hats and cloths on your BD units as a special celebration of christmas!

Earth Christmas Units
Fantasy Christmas Units
Mars Christmas Units

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