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The Shield Generator protects your colony for 3,6,9 or 12 ticks once activated. The amount of time the shield lasts for depends on how many times you have charged it. While you have the shield on, all squads (not nukes) that arrive at your colony become frozen. This gives you some time to prepare an army to defend yourself or to delay the attack for reinforcements to arrive. Squads stuck on a shield remain at ETA1 (The shield activates when the squads would otherwise conquer the target)and remain at 1 ETA until the shield falls or they are pulled. Shields can be activated, but this does not enable the shield itself, only the automatic activation system. The shield will only activate once a squad has landed at your base and if you have the automatic shield turned on..

Using the Shield Generator

Using the shield generator takes place in two steps. You can find these options clicking on your colony and then click the big " Shield ". This will open the shield menu, where you charge or enable/disable your shield.


Cost per Charge : Image:Energy Symbol.jpg 50 & lasts Image:Tick Symbol.jpg 3 each.

Simply enter the shield menu and click to charge however long you want, Image:Energy Symbol.jpg 50 per Image:Tick Symbol.jpg 3 up to Image:Tick Symbol.jpg 12. The charge cannot be reduced unless the shield is set off by attacking squads.


There is no additional cost to activate your Energy Shield. All cost have been paid via charging.

A colony with it's shield activated

To activate your Shield Generator, click on 'Activate Auto Shield'. The shield will last for however long you've charged it for. Once your shield is activated it CANNOT be deactivated until the specified amount of charge has worn out. For example if you charge your shield for 6 ticks, then it will stay up for 6 ticks, no more and no less. It can only be set off if you have the shield auto feature active and a hostile squad lands at your colony, you cannot set it off early, and if you wish to defeat the incoming squads without wasting the energy you put into your shield it is wise to turn it off, fight, and enable it again so you can use it once you really need it.

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