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The Settings menu is very important for any Battle Dawn player. To access it, click on your colony. Select Profile from the menu that appears around your colony (see below).

File:Profile icon.png

Once you have done this, the Settings menu will appear. Below is an image of the Settings menu.

File:Avatar screen.png

Each of the different options on the left hand side brings you to a different page within the menu.



Here you can configure your avatar, which is your representation in the world. You can personalise your avatar's hat, hair, eyes and other physical features. Your avatar is shown next to your posts on the broadcast and whenever you send any Messages There is also an option to use your forum avatar as your game avatar.


The statistics panel shows different facts and figures about your colony. This is useful to keep track of your progress towards achievements, and to keep track of your highest rankings.


The game has a series of achievements, which are a series of targets that you can work towards. Some of these are fairly easy, such as Capture an Outpost, whilst others can be very difficult, such as Become the Most Powerful Player in the World. For each achievement completed, you get 50 Bonus Tokens.

Note that some acheivements are only awarded over tick 500.


Here you can change your biography, which is a short amount of text which is publicly accessible via your colony, as well as your colony's flag. You can also choose whether to display any Golden Colony or Golden Avatar Frame boosts that you have purchased.

Vacation Mode

This tab allows you to activate Vacation mode. For more details, see Vacation.

Toggle Visibility

File:Toggle visability.png

The toggle visibility option can be used to choose what is displayed on your screen. Things such as hostile or allies squads, outposts, nukes and facebook symbols can be hidden. This is especially useful when a relic is passing over your colony! Additionally, choosing not to display some things can decrease loading times.

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