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Main Control Panel

There are 9 parts to the main control panel. The 6 large icons are:

  • Messages (Flashes green if there is a new message)
Send messages to, and receive messages from other players here.
  • Events (Flahes green if a new event has happened)
Logs all major activity taken by and against your colony, including scans, Battle Reports and alliance invitations. See Events.
  • Radar (Flashes red/orange if there is a hostile squad incoming)
Displays all visible attacks on you and your alliance's colonies and outposts, as well as the movements of all squads in your alliance. See Radar.
  • Colony
Displays information on your colony, such as structures and resources
  • Community
Displays the current rankings of all colonies and alliances, as well your alliance's page and the locations of all relics and mines. See Community
  • Orders
Allows you to issue movement orders to your squads, as well as view your conquers and outposts. See Order Menu

The smaller icons on the right side of the control panel are action buttons. There are 4 of them:

  • Find Location
Can be used to find specific players or alliances, or save coordinates for later use
  • Satellite Scan
Gives you and your alliance temporary radar coverage in an area at the cost of some energy. See Scans.
  • Build Outpost
Build an outpost at the cost of 500 metal, 300 oil and 15 workers. See Outposts

Avatar and Ranking

Displays your avatar, your current military rank, shows your score and overall rank when you mouse-over it.

Token Bar

Shows how many tokens you currently have, red for purchased tokens, blue for free/bonus tokens.

Resources Bar

Shows your resources: metal, oil, energy and population.

Boost Button and Boost Bar

Takes you to the tokens screen, where you can purchase and use tokens. Every time somebody uses red tokens on a server, that server's boost bar increases slightly. When the boost bar reaches 100%, every colony on the server receives a free resource bonus.

Game Options and Tick Timer

Shows the amount of time next until the end of the current tick, the tick number the server has currently reached, and 4 buttons:

  • A - Takes you to the Admin's location
  • W - Takes you to the BattleDawn Wiki, here ;)
  • F - Takes you to the game forums
  • Refresh - Refreshes the client
  • X - Logs you out

Visibility and Screen Movement

  • Toggle Visibility - opens to Toggle visibility menu, which can be used to remove colonies, outposts, squads, spies, missiles, radar range and relics from your ingame viewer, usually used when an ingame object, like a relic, is obstructing your ability to click something underneath.
  • Find my Spy - Takes you to the current location of your main spy
  • Find my Colony- Takes you to the current location of your colony
  • Zoom out
  • Zoom in

Map of World

Shows a map of the ingame world, and which part of it you are viewing in white crosshairs.

Broadcast Bar

Displays all current broadcasts, one at a time. Includes buttons to skip through broadcasts, to write a new broadcast and to delete a broadcast.

World and Alliance Chats

Opens up the global chat and alliance chats.

Action Completed

Gives you a visual confirmation of an action being taken.


Shows you ongoing and available missions. Also gives you the option to disable missions for that world.

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