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These are the formulas to work out your score as well as what rank you would get. As your colony score or alliance score increase, so does your standings in the scoreboard. Your insignia may also change. It appears, however, that this doesn't update until you log off.


Alliance Score = Combined score of all alliance colonies

Colony Score
1 crystal = 20 score (your first crystal will be obtained when you reach a power of 30)
1 power = 10 score
1 relic = 1000 score

25 workers = 1 power
1 conquer = 1 power
10 infantry = 1 power
10 vehicles = 2 power
10 tanks = 3 power
1 Alliance owned resource mine = 0.2 power for all alliance members. (Does stack)

Score From Battles

Battle score is temporarily out of the game due to technical issues.

Players can gain score from battling other players in their own power range.

  • In order to gain score in battle, you must engage players who have half or more of your power level.
    • If your target has half or greater of your power level, then you will, as a default value, gain 1 score for every 1 enemy soldier your forces kill.
      • You will lose score gained in accordance with how many soldiers you lost in the battle. So, if you attack with 100 soldiers, and killed 100 soldiers, but lost 80 soldiers in the attack, you would only gain 20 score from the battle.
        • If multiple players attack a target, score will be distributed in a percentage relative to the army size sent. Therefore, if you send 80 soldiers, and I send 20 soldiers, you would receive 80% of the score, and I would receive 20% of the score.


Colony rankings: are based on total score from highest to lowest.

Alliance rankings: are based on total score from highest to lowest.

In-Game Colony Ranks

The in-colony ranks are based on your power rating, hence it is possible for someone to be 1st on the colony ranking board but only be a sergeant major below.

Rank Power Rating Insignia
Private 0-14 Image:Rank1.jpg One Chevron
Corporal 15-29 Image:Rank2.jpg Two Chevrons
Sergeant 30-44 Image:Rank3.jpg Three Chevrons
Master Sergeant 45-59 Image:Rank4.jpg Three Chevrons + One Star In Center
Sergeant Major 60-74 Image:Rank5.jpg Three Chevrons + Sword In Center
Second Lieutenant 75-89 Image:Rank6.jpg One Silver Bar
First Lieutenant 90-104 Image:Rank7.jpg Two Silver Bars
Captain 105-119 Image:Rank8.jpg Three Silver Bars
Lieutenant Major 120-134 Image:Rank9.jpg Three Silver Bars + One Star In Center
Major 135-149 Image:Rank10.jpg One Silver Star
Sergeant Major of the Army 150-164 Image:Rank11.jpg Two Silver Stars
Command Sergeant Major 165-179 Image:Rank12.jpg Three Silver Stars
Lieutenant Colonel 180-194 Image:Rank13.jpg Four Silver Stars
Colonel 195-209 Image:Rank14.jpg One Gold Star
Brigadier General 210-224 Image:Rank15.jpg Two Gold Stars
Major General 225-239 Image:Rank16.jpg Three Gold Stars
Lieutenant General 240-254 Image:Rank17.jpg Four Gold Stars
General 255-269 Image:Rank18.jpg Five Gold Stars
General Of The Army 270-284 Image:Rank19.jpg Crossed swords
2nd Commander 285-299 Image:Rank20.jpg One Silver Star With Crossed Swords
Commander 300+ Image:Rank21.jpg One Gold Star With Crossed Swords
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