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Resource outposts are outposts that can give you extra resources. They can NOT be built and can only be captured by winning a battle on them or capturing them at the beginning of an era when they are unguarded. There are 2 kinds of resource outposts; one that gives you extra metal/gold and the other gives you extra oil/wood. You get +5 metal from each metal mine your alliance holds, +4 oil from each oil well your alliance holds, and a further 0.5 worker per 24-tick period per resource outpost. You can take control of them by successfully attacking and conquering them. You cannot attack from bonus outposts, only defend them and move to other allied OPs. Each resource outpost owned by an alliance gives each member of the alliance 0.2 power.

Earth/Mars Servers:
File:EM OP Metal.png
File:EM OP Oil.png
Metal Mine
Oil Mine

Fantasy Servers:
File:F OP Gold.png
File:F OP Lumber.png
Gold Mine
Lumber Mill
Galaxy Servers:
File:G OP Minerals.png
File:G OP Gas.png
Minerals Mine
Gas Mine

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