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In this window, you can view reports on activities that have occurred during gameplay. These reports are divided into seven categories:

  • New
  • Colony
  • Military
  • Relations
  • Intelligence
  • Resources
  • Archives

All reports are recorded in the report's relevant section as well as the "New" Tab. Once "mark as read" is clicked, the reports will be removed from "new" but kept in it's section.



The "New" section displays all reports that have not yet been marked as read by the colony owner. It also displays on occasion advice from your advisors. In this report your three advisors each give you advice on what you should do next in order to improve your colony.


"Colony" reports relate to the labor and facilities portion of reports. Relocations, rebellions and important colony reports are placed here.


As the heading implies, "Military" actions are summarized within this section. These reports include Battle Report, Conquering and being Conquered, and other related battle info. Minor reportss like unit build completions will not be recorded.


Reports related to alliances: Joining, leaving, etc. are organized here.


Incoming and outgoing reconnaissance reports are recorded under the "Intelligence" tab. These reports include any scans you've done, and any action involving basic and advanced Covert Ops. It also notes any increases in your spy alert and any enemy reconnaissance attempts (see Spies and Agents)


In combination with the Military tab, the "Resource" tab is likely to be one of the most active sections of the reports window. Under this heading, all incursions of resources (Metal, Oil, Energy) aside from those normally gained in a standard tick are recorded. Such reports include UFO Bonuses, supporter bonuses, and resources gained from scavenging the battlefield, razing Outposts and capturing wreckages. Lastly, resources given or received in the course of Trading will also be posted in this section.


You have the ability to archive ANY report you receive. This spares the report from the normal deletion time of 1 week and it will last for the entire round. This is useful to keep track of any important battles, gaining crystals or anything else you wish to keep track of.

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