Relocating Your Colony

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Relocating swaps your colony with another outpost. There are many reasons for relocating:

  • To retreat from someone or an alliance.
  • The alliance is moving to a better area.
  • To avoid the full effect of a nuke.

Squads & Units

When trying to relocate your colony, only units in your main base (whether training or not) will relocate with you. Any squads that are on your colony will not relocate.

NOTE: When relocating your colony, be sure you have enough resources left over to put your squads where you want/need them!

Relocation will also automatically trigger rebellion when conquered.

How To Relocate

To relocate your colony you first need to build an outpost where you want it, or where you already have an outpost which you have controlled for 24 ticks. After 24 ticks of controlling the outpost, you can select the relocation option.

It should bring up a window that will show you the cost of moving your outpost. It cost 50 energy and a proportional amount of oil as to how far the outpost is from your colony.

Your outpost should then become your colony and your colony will become an outpost. Again, you have to control the outpost for 24 ticks before you can relocate there. You can only relocate if your colony has at least 72 ticks of control (your colony control ticks are reduced to 0 each time you leave an alliance, relocate or get conquered). If you have 72 ticks of control or more, it will say that you have 'max' control ticks.

  • NOTE: You will NOT lose your conquers if you relocate your own colony.
  • NOTE: You CANNOT relocate if your colony has been locked down by an enemy spy! You must wait until your colony is no longer locked down.
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