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Relics, crystals, and wreckages are often the most sought-after items in Battledawn. All items can give bonuses to the individual colony (crystals & wreckages) or an entire alliance (relics). However, the main difference is that relics allow you to win the game.



The main part of crystals is it raises your score by 20 hence it's an essential part of the scoring system of the game.

  • You gain 1 crystal when reaching 30 power
  • When you conquer someone with 1 or more crystal(s), you gain all of their crystals. If you were part of an attack by multiple players on the same colony (assuming you win!) you will get a portion of the crystals, depending on how many units you sent in the attack.
  • Each crystal raises your score by 20.
  • Each crystal you hold gives 0.25 metal/oil(So, +1 for 4 crystals)and 0.04 workers (1 for each 25 crystals) per tick for everyone in your alliance.
  • Crystals give a special ring around your colony
  • If two people are attacking an unconquered colony with crystals, the player with the largest amount of units at the end will usually get the crystals and the smallest will get the conquer, depending on the amount of crystals and the difference in two players attacking forces. (Other factors also apply, such as unit exp and unit build)
  • You can also gain crystals from attacking garrisons and sometimes relics have crystals too, and when players that had crystals are deleted the leave a camp with there old crystal's on it.


Relics are mobile, floating outposts which can be moved around the world by the owner. The objective of Battle Dawn is to collect all ten relics on a world.

  • There are 10 relics per server.
  • The release is relics is up to admin's discretion, generally released at around tick 500 or later.
  • Relics are placed around the world by the admin.
  • A placed Relic may have defenders and/or crystals on it.
  • Each Relic your alliance holds gives all of its members a bonus to production of 20 metal and 20 oil.
  • A relic is worth 1000 score to the holder and the alliance.
  • First alliance to collect all 10 and hold them for 100 ticks will win the round.
  • Relics can be moved by the owner, by clicking on the relic and selecting the move option. The relic moves at 25% the speed of regular squads and can be used like a regular outpost to hold an unlimited amount of your alliance's squads.
  • Relics don't require radar over the area to see them.
  • You can see the current relics, garrisons and resource outposts via the community menu > Relics tab
  • Relics place a special ring around your colony.
  • Relics have in-built radars[1] which can be jammed.

NOTE: Relics can not be nuked or attacked with a dragon when they are still owned by the administrator (when they are originally released)

A Relic on a Fantasy World
A Relic on an Earth/Mars World
A Relic on a Galaxies World


Wreckages are immobile outposts that resemble a broken relic. They are randomly spawned and hold bonuses for the first people to capture them. Wreckages contain a random number of either workers, metal, oil, energy or blue tokens. A wreckage can contain one of the following amounts of resources:

  • 1500 to 3000 metal
  • 1500 to 3000 oil
  • 50 to 150 energy
  • 25 to 100 workers
  • 25 to 50 blue tokens

Things to remember about wreckages

  • One wreckage is randomly placed every hour regardless of ticks per hour.
  • The first unit that makes it to the wreckage captures it.
  • When two non-allied units reach the wreckage at the same time, they have a battle for it.
  • When two people in the same alliance go for a wreckage, the one with the most troops gets it.

A wreckage being viewed in 'medium' zoom
A wreckage being viewed in 'close up' zoom


A garrison with 3 control ticks

Garrisons are special OPs which are sometimes released by the world administrator randomly throughout the era to keep things intresting, they usualy contain a large amount of crystals and a defending army which varies in size depending on the amount of crystals sitting on it.

  • When two people in the same alliance go for a garrison, they team up to fight the defending troops. Crystals would be divided according to army size.
  • Because garrisons are always owned by the admin nukes and spy attacks do not have any effect on them.
  • You can perform scans on garrisons before attacking, try to remember to do this or else the admin can easily have more units than you on a garrison.
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