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Colonies that have been inactive for 6 days will be sent a PM informing you that you've been inactive. After another 2 days (10 if you are a supporter) your colony will be deleted along with all your units, resources, structures and outposts in that world.

The first step is to create a user account; this is a fairly easy process and does not require much information. Before you start the registration process, it is recommended that you take a moment to read and review the Game Rules, which will need to be done before you can complete the registration.


Terms of Use Agreement

Before actually registering you will be asked to read through these terms. Read these terms before accepting them, as they will bind you legally. The Terms of Use can also be found Here.

NOTE: It is against the rules here in Battle Dawn to share your account with other players, or create multiple accounts.

Registration Form

There are a total of 5 fields needed to fill out when registering a new account. They are listed with all information needed below...


This is the name that your forum account and game account will be. This is not the name of your in-game colony! Make sure that you can remember your username. If you forget it then you will have to start from scratch! Username must be between 3 and 20 characters long and use only alphanumeric characters. This will be your user name for access to all of Battle Dawn including Battle Dawn Galaxy and the forum. It will be your permanent display name on the forum as well, so choose wisely!


In this field you should enter a valid email that you have access to, as a Verification Email containing a link needed for the activation of your account will be sent to it. The address you use will NOT be given, sold, or provided to any 3rd parties which would send you Spam email. It is used strictly for registration and password recovery.

Confirm Email

In this field, simply retype your email address exactly as you did in the previous entry field. This is simply to verify that you did not make a typo when entering your email which would prevent you from getting your verification email.


This is the secret password that will allow you to log in to your account. It is vital that you write this down somewhere because without it you can not access your account. Your password must be at least 5 characters long. It is recommended that you have at least 1 letter and one number in your password for security reasons.

Confirm Password

In this field, simply retype your chosen password exactly as you did in the previous entry field. This is simply to verify that you did not make a typo when entering your password which would prevent you from logging in.

Activation Email

In order to then begin to use your Battle Dawn account and play the game, your account must be activated. Log into the email account you used to register your Battle Dawn account, as you should have received an email with the subject of "Your BatteDawn Registration" from [email protected] This email will contain your username, password, and account activation link that you will need to click to then active your account so that it is ready for use. Once all of this is done, you have completed the registration process! You may now log in and build your colony.

NOTE:Keep track of your your registered email address! This is the key to your Battle Dawn account. Do not use the same password for your email address as you do for your BattleDawn account, and NEVER give your log in information to anyone else! Battle Dawn staff will NOT ask for your account passoword!

*Troubleshooting - I did not receive my verification email!: If you did not receive your verification email, go over the following steps in order to hopefully find or re-send one if necessary.

1.)Check your junk/spam folder to see if your email provider routed it into there. If you do not find it there proceed to 2.

2.)Add [email protected] to your allowed contacts/address book. Then, proceed to the forum log in page and click the "Resend activation e-mail" link. Adding us to your allowed contacts should prevent any further emails from us to you from being blocked by your email service provider.

3.)If you still have not received your activation email at this point, please email your username in an email indicating that you have not received your Battle Dawn account activation [email protected]om for further assistance.

Ready To Register

Now you should be ready to register: go to and get started. Afterwards, come back and read more of the guide and continue your training!

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