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By helping to increase the number of people visiting Battle Dawn, you can give out your referral link to friends. If they click on it, and create an account, you can receive rewards.

To refer someone to Battle Dawn click on the Colony screen and click the Bonuses tab on the left side. Then click on the button that says Refer a friend. There you will be given a web link that you can copy and paste to give to people that you want to refer to the game. You will get 200 bonus tokens the first time they reach 30 power in ANY world which is not in havoc. This can only be received once per referred player. Bonus tokens can be used for many of the boosts available in the boosts window.

Another bonus you get from referring other people is that the first token package they purchase will give you bonus tokens equal to 20% of the amount they purchased. For example if someone you referred bought the 1400 tokens package you would receive 280 bonus tokens.


You are not allowed to publish or spam with your link in Battle Dawn Game Forum. Neither are you allowed to publish or spam your link here in the battledawn game guide, or in game, whether through broadcasts, messaging or chat. Any infractions on this may result in a ban. Thank you.