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To start an army, players must first recruit units, which will later be grouped into mobile squads.


Recruiting Steps

There are two ways you can get to the recruitment screen:

  1. Click on the Order Menu on the top left corner of the user interface.
  2. Click on your own colony, and in the ring that appears, click on the Recruit Units button.

Both of these steps take you to the same place. Then, on the screen that appears click on "Main Base" to train units in your colony or "Training Base" to train units in your training base.

Next, click on the button with the arrow facing up, it will bring you to the recruitment menu

Recruiting Units

There are many different types of units in Battle Dawn, there are 3 different chassis types, 3 different weapons, and 3 different upgrades. To see what bonuses each chassis has, what the weapons are good for and how the upgrades change a unit, see Military Unit Types

First, select a chassis. Starting from the left they are: infantry, vehicle and tank
Next, choose a weapon type, it can be concussive, beam or explosive
Then, select an upgrade for your unit: armor, damage or range
To the left of the selection part, you can see the statistics of the unit: health, damage and range. In the field below, you can insert the amount of this unit that you would like to train, or you can slide the bar underneath the number field. To the left of the train button is the amount of resources it will take to train the amount of units you want. As your army grows, the cost to build units grows as well, see Overhead. You can click the Train button to start training your units.


Before you can move units to squads to attack or defend, they must be fully trained. Infantry take 2 ticks to train, vehicles take 4, and tanks take 6. A unit which is not yet completed training will look like the unit on the left. Where a unit that has completed training will look like the unit on the right. (A unit that's training phase has not been completed will be highlighted in yellow)


When you really have to, you have the choice of hurrying a unit to use it before the ticks needed for training are over. It costs workers Image:Worker_Symbol.jpg to hurry units, so don't hurry everything! Click on the unit(s) you wish to hurry, and click on the little orange man. A confirmation window will appear - click ok and your units will be trained. Remember that hurrying units costs workers, and workers give power, score and also boost your resources so don't overdue it.

If you hurry a unit it will cost the 1,2 or 3 workers needed for Inf Vech and Tank, plus however many ticks left of training there is, for example a tank with 6 ticks left of training will cost 6 workers to hurry. (Remember 25 workers = 1 power, so again be careful.)

Capacity Bar

The capacity bar is the yellow bar that is shown next to your squads/colony/training bases, it shows how full your squads/colony/training base is. If the bar is full that means you have no space and cannot recruit/move anymore units into the squad/colony/training base. It is especially helpful for getting an brief overlook of your squads conditions.

See Also

More information can be found on the Military Unit Types and the full list of the 27 possible units on the Military List page.

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