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If your op or colony gets hit by a nuke, then it will have radiation. Radiation will affect everyone's squads, yours or anyone else's, regardless of who the nuke belonged to or who the op belongs to. Radiation is also known as Firestorm on Fantasy worlds.
An outpost with 4 ticks of radiation left on Earth

Outposts and Colonies

When a nuke hits an outpost, the outpost will have 6-12 ticks of radiation. Colonies will have 3-6 ticks of radiation. Relics are immune to radiation.

Radiation stacks, meaning if an outpost has been hit by 2 nukes it could have anywhere from 12-24 ticks of radiation. The maximum ticks of radiation that can stack up on a target is 72. Outposts and colonies will have a radiation counter that anyone in the world can see.


For each tick that a unit stays on a target with radiation, it will lose 1 HP. Radiation will not kill, the lowest it can bring a unit down to is 1 HP.

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