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Radar Coverage (Green Circle)

Radar is the distance that you can see squads as well as any outposts. If you are zoomed out, this is the green circle. Any squads or outposts, allies or enemy or neutral, will show up.

If you are in an alliance, then your radar is shared.

Radar Outposts

Radar Outposts are used to give information on areas away from your colony which you can use to help you or your team to know what's happening around you. For more information on Radar OPs, go to the outposts.

When you create a radar outpost, it won't come online for 6 ticks (Or in other words: It's automatically jammed for 6 ticks).

Satellite Scan

Satellite scan provides radar coverage wherever you use it and it only lasts a chosen number of ticks, it costs energy depending on the length of time set. You will not be able to use Satellite Scans (requires the Launch Satellite construction, see Launch Satellite) if your colony is jammed. See scans.

Jamming Radars

A radar can also be jammed by an enemy who clicks on the Radar Outpost or Colony and selects the eye and then chooses the "Jam Radar" option. Jamming a colony will disable its radar, gate, and prevent that colony from performing sat scans. Jamming a gate will disable gating. Jamming a radar will disable the radar. Jamming a silo will prevent nukes from launching from that silo.

  • Target's radar tower - Radar OP & Colony
If the target has other radar in the area though, they'll still be able to have radar. Their alliance could also tell them what is coming so it is a good idea to jam a whole alliance's radar systems, if you have the energy.
  • Colony Satellite link (Unable to use satellite scan) - Colony Only
This means that a colony cannot place sat scans while jammed. If they had a satellite scan up over their colonies before they were jammed then they will still receive radar from it as a sat scan already placed cannot be seen by anyone outside the alliance and cannot be jammed. A useful strategy to defend against radar "blackout" is to take turns putting up a long term scan over your alliance's "hive" where your colonies are. It costs a bit of energy to do but can be a lifesaver if all other radar is jammed in the area.
  • Silo launch targeting computer (Can not fire nuke) - Silo OP Only
Stops that silo from firing it's nuke. After it's over, the nuke can be fired once more so it's best to use this ability to either attack the silo and take the nuke or use it to stop a nuke from being fired while you are attacking a colony so the nuke cannot be used to meet your squads on the target they will return to once the attack is complete.
  • Teleport Gate Window (Stops the use of the Teleport Gate) - Colony and Teleport Gate
Stops the use of the teleport gate currently being Jammed