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Note: Under Protection is not the same as Vacation

Under Protection is the state in which all players begin their conquest in Battle Dawn. The condition equates to being shielded from all outside events for a certain period of time. This allows new players to build up their colonies, resources, and military without the threat of attack. While Protection is very valuable, it carries with it several limitations and markers around which players must be careful.

While Under Protection other players cannot attack, ion, or plant spies in your colony.

How long does Protection last?

Protection lasts for a certain amount of ticks depending on the speed of the server. For example, protection on a 1-tick server would last for 100 ticks, 2-tick server would last 200 ticks, 3-tick server would last 300 ticks, so on and so forth. The amount of protection is 100*[server speed ticks/hour].

But Protection will cease if you happen to...

  • Send out an attack - Any outgoing hostile military expedition will end your protection, you can however move units to outposts/colonies that are owned by you or your alliance
  • Relocate Your Colony - Move colony.

What should I do? I don't want to wait a few hundred ticks!

If you should ever want to quit protection, click the break protection button in the top left corner of your screen. If you decide to do so, then you will receive a metal and oil production boost. The amount of workers used to produce metal and oil per tick is increased by 50%. The length of this bonus depends on how many protection ticks you have left multiplied by 3, e.g. breaking protection with 100 ticks of protection left gives you 300 ticks of this bonus.

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