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Welcome to the BD Community!

You can find our community forum at: http://battledawn.com/forum

NOTE: Your forum log in information is the same as your game log in information.

The community forums are your hub for direct interactions with staff and other players alike. There are many areas of interaction useful for any activity ranging from finding an alliance to join in the game, to interacting directly with the developers of BD and suggesting features for future updates, to discussing world topics and political debates.

We have a helpful staff of administrators and Moderators hand picked from our gaming community, as well as a unique community of thousands of active players. In this section you will find tools to navigate and make the most of our community.

Below is a directory of the BattleDawn Forum's main boards:

Administration Forum

Here you will find many useful boards including the Help Desk, Bug Report forums, and Announcements.

The BattleDawn Boards

Usually one of the most active areas of the forum. Here you will find the suggestions board (where devs are known to prowl and post), Role Playing Boards,

Resources for new and veteran players, and a board for do it yourself strategy guides.

The Embassy

Alliance recruiting boards and the Hall Of Fame!

Non-BD Boards

Also Very Active. Pretty much anything not related to the BattleDawn game is here. Spam boards, Media Boards, General Discussions and more.