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Population is arguably the most important thing in your colony; they produce resources, can be turned into units, and are used to make outposts. At the beginning and while still under protection, it is suggested that you conserve your population and don't build any outposts as your economy is too young and will die.

You get workers every 24 ticks, the amount of workers you get is based off of several factors:


  • Base growth: +40
  • Conquers: +1 per conquer
  • Farms: Depending on the level of the farm structure +1, +3, +6, +10 or +15
  • Crystals: +0.04 per crystal in your alliance, rounded up.(1 per 25 crystals)
  • Resource outposts: +.5 The number of resource outposts your alliance owns (Rounded up).
  • Razing an op: +5


  • Workers Upkeep: -1 per 25 population
  • Army Upkeep: -1 per 30 soldiers
  • Outposts Upkeep: -0.5 per outpost (Rounded up)
  • Missiles: -1 per missile
  • Getting hit by a nuke: -10%
  • Spy attack: -10%
  • Recruiting agents: -1

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