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Overhead is a feature that is brought to the game to balance out power between strong players and weaker players. It makes it more expensive for a larger player to build units, thus slowing their growth down, for they would (normally) make much more resources per tick. Therefore they could keep building very quickly and cheaply, giving weaker players no hope of conquering or building an efficient army.

Unit Overhead Cost

Overhead increases for every 100 soldiers you have. It increases by 12% every 100 soldiers, thus the cost will increase at a reasonable rate. There is no maximum overhead, so no matter how large your army grows the cost will just keep increasing.

Each type of unit is worth a different amount of soldiers:

- 1 Infantry (fighter) = 1 soldier

- 1 Vehicles (Cavalry, frigates) = 2 soldiers

- 1 Tank (Heavies, mechs, cruisers) = 3 soldiers

You can find more on this in the Squads page.

Note: If your army decreases due to loss of units. Your overhead decreases, so you can replenish those troops for their original cost.

This is an example of an army overhead and numbers in the Galaxy theme.

This player currently has 289 fighters (Infantry). Which is worth 289 soldiers, so the overhead is 24% (2 x 12). So if this person was to recruit 11 more fighters, his overhead would rise to 36%. Therefore the cost would rise.