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Normal Earth/Mars OP
Normal Fantasy OP
Normal Galaxy OP

Usually, outposts (or OPs) are fought after rather than the actual colonies. Outposts, unlike colonies, can change ownership. There are currently 7 types of outposts:

  • Normal/Undeveloped Outpost
  • Silo Outpost
  • Training Base
  • Gate Outpost
  • Radar Outpost
  • Camp
  • Bonus Outpost

Outposts have a number of uses other than what they are originally built to do. You can station your squads at them and launch attacks from outposts. You can also relocate your colony to one of your basic outposts. After an upgrade, they can also provide radar coverage from radar outposts which have a 10-tick radar radius.


Building An Outpost

  1. Once you have 500 Image:Metal Symbol.jpg, 300 Image:Oil Symbol.jpg and 15 Image:Worker Symbol.jpg you can build yourself an outpost. To build an outpost, click the Build Outpost button at the top-right of the interface.
    With different power levels, you can build different amounts of outposts.
    10 power = 6 outposts max
    20 power = 9 outposts max
    30 power = 12 outposts max
    40 power = 15 outposts max
    50+ power = no limits

    Ex. If you have 10 power, you built 2 outposts and captured another one, then you can build at most 3 more outposts.

  2. Building an outpost is similar to building your colony. You have to choose a site which is not on water and a bit of a distance away from anyone else (including YOU!) and all other outposts. On Fantasy worlds, you can't build outposts on forests or mountains either.

    If your mouse is too close to another outpost/colony or it's too close to water/forest/mountain, then the circle will turn red. Move your mouse until the circle is green.

  3. Once you've chosen a site, the outpost will be built straight away. You can send squads to defend it, but enemies can also attack it.

    After 24 ticks of control, you can then upgrade your outpost or raze it for a camp.

    Maintenance On Outposts

    Any normal outposts you possess will have a -0.5 upkeep which affects the amount of workers you gain every 24 ticks. So every two outposts you own decreases your worker production by 1 worker.

    In contrast bonus outposts increase the entire alliance's income by 0.5 upkeep per bonus outpost, so for every 2 bonus outpost your worker production increases by 1 worker.

    Example: You own 6 outposts. You gain 3 less File:Worker Symbol.jpg after each 24-tick period. However your alliance owns 2 bonus outposts. You gain 1 extra File:Worker Symbol.jpg and thus an overall loss of 2 File:Worker Symbol.jpg per 24-tick period

    Razing and downgrading an Outpost

    An outpost being razed
    A fantasy outpost being razed
    A galaxy outpost being razed

    Razing an outpost gives you: 300 Image:Metal Symbol.jpg 200 Image:Oil Symbol.jpg 5 Image:Worker Symbol.jpg

    Once the option to raze s selected, you can NOT cancel the razing process. It takes 3 ticks to complete the razing cycle. Hostile squads can still capture an outpost that is being razed, if it lands on the tick the outpost finishes razing or earlier and wins. At this point the outpost would not continue razing. You must have 24 control ticks to raze an outpost. Razing the outpost while it still has squads or spies on it, moving to it (including hostile squads), or moving away from it; will result in the outpost becoming camp. You receive the resources at the end of the razing period, and then the outpost disappears or becomes a camp.

    In addition downgrading outposts (any upgraded outpost) gives you:

    • 400 Image:Metal Symbol.jpg
    • 200 Image:Oil Symbol.jpg

    A tactic used by some players to gain resources is to capture other player's outposts and then raze and/or downgrade them after 24 ticks to gain the resource reward associated with it. To prevent this from happening to you, make sure to be watchful of incoming attacks on your property.


    Earth/Mars camp
    Fantasy camp
    Galaxy camp

    Camps are outposts that cannot be built or upgraded. They appear when an outpost is razed while it still has incoming, outgoing, or stationary squads/spies attached to it. In this sense, units and spies are always attached to some kind of target, and when an outpost is razed a camp takes it's place until no squads or spies are attached to it, at which point it will disappear.

    You cannot attack from camps

    Some strategies include surrounding your colonies with camps so that the enemy must launch attacks from further away as any camps near your base they take cannot be used to send further attacks.

    Note: Camps also appear when a colony is deleted if there are crystals on it or if any squads are on it or moving to/from it, spies and nukes count as squads as well in this case.

    Outpost Options

    Available options for an upgradeable Earth outpost
    Available options for an upgradeable Fantasy outpost
    Available options for an upgradeable Galaxy outpost

    When you click on any undeveloped outpost, 7 bubbles will appear.

    Resources Outposts

    Information on Resources Outposts can be found on it's own page.
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