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The order menu allows you to command your empire and helps with organization. It can be found by clicking on the Orders button at the top left of the screen. It covers three main areas.

Orders tab

Squads tab

Provides a list of all your squads. It tells you the number of units and name of each squad, the squad's ETA, (number of ticks to reach their destination) and a colored icon indicating the squads current mission.

Attacking ::

Moving/Supporting ::

Stationed ::

There are a few bubbles that pop up when you click on a squad.
  • 1. Magnifying glass; this locates and zooms you in to the squads current position on the map.
  • 2. Cross hairs; this selects a stationary squad to be moved somewhere else.
  • 3. Eyeball; this shows you the contents of the squad.
  • 4. U-turn arrow; this allows you to tell a squad to turn around.
  • 5. Origin/Destination arrows; these allow you to zoom your camera to the start or end of a squads flight path.
  • 6. Information; this gives you the status of the squad.

Perhaps the most important feature is the ability to move a squad by selecting it's name from the list. This is useful when multiple squads are stacked in one location, because normally only the most recently created squad can be selected when you click a location.


Gives you a complete list of your Outposts and their type (Outpost, Gate, Silos etc) as well as control ticks. You can focus on their location by clicking on them and using the magnifying glass tool.


Gives you a complete list of your Conquers displaying the taxes you get from the Conquer. You also see all the taxation in both resources, oil and metal. You can also find their location and see your control ticks (the number of ticks that they have been your Conquer) over them. This segment also shows the ticks left until the conquered colony is finished rebelling.

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