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Nuclear Missile

Nukes are one of the most powerful weapons in Battle Dawn and can change a war when used. So what do nukes do? Nukes affect ops, squads and colonies. When an op is hit by a nuke,

  • it will be downgraded if it were upgraded
  • its control ticks will be reset (set to 0)
  • there will be radiation for the next 6-12 ticks
  • all planted agents in the target will be killed

Nukes kill 10% of all units in the target and leave all surviving units at 1 HP. Nukes effect two types of squads:

  • Squads leaving the target when the nuke is 1 tick away from landing
  • Squads stationary in the target when the nuke lands

Squads that are NOT effected:

  • Any squad landing at the same time of the nuke
  • Any squad landing after the nuke does
  • Any squad that leaves the target when the nuke is ETA 2 or greater

Not only do nukes affect squads, they also kill workers if they hit a colony. Shields do not delay nukes. Nukes kill 10% of the colony's workers upon impact. The number rounds down so if you have less than 1 worker that can be killed (less than 10 workers in your colony), no workers will be killed. Example:

  1. You have 692 workers.
  2. You were hit by a nuke
  3. Immediately, 692/10=69 (rounded down from 69.2) workers would be killed, lowering the population to 692-62=630 workers

    Construction of Nukes

    Nuclear Silo OP Arming
    1. Build the Missile Factory (Level 5 Command Structure)
    2. Upgrade an Outpost to a Nuclear Silo (requires 1000 Image:Metal Symbol.jpg)
    3. On the Outpost, click "Arm" to equip the Silo with a Nuke (requires 500 Image:Metal Symbol.jpg, 24 Image:Tick Symbol.jpg) The arming clock counts down, from 24 to 1.

    Note: If the silo is taken while it is arming, it will stop arming, and require another 24 control ticks and 24 ticks to arm.

    Use of Nukes

    Nuclear Silo OP Armed And Ready
    • Once a Nuke is built, it will remain over the Silo like a squad
    • An armed Nuke Silo counts towards your total worker upkeep
    • Nukes can be launched similar to the manner in which a squad is deployed -- by clicking on the unit and then choosing its destination
    • The minimum travel time for Nukes is 6 Image:Tick Symbol.jpg, and the maximum travel time is 24 Image:Tick Symbol.jpg.
    • Increasing the distance of the attack affects the launch cost Image:Oil Symbol.jpg proportionally
    • To launch a nuke you need to have 25 Image:Energy Symbol.jpg
    • When a Nuke is launched, there are only two ways to prevent it from reaching its target. One is to initiate a self-destruct; Nukes cannot be recalled like squads. The other way is that the target would have to fire on it with an Ion Cannon.
    • Nukes cost 1 worker per day to maintain (Including when they're in flight). This doesn't apply when the silo is being armed.
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