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This page is an index for all of the guides suitable for new Battle Dawn players. Provide a link, name and small description and add your guide to the bottom of the list. If you can't find something that you need, then you can ask them over at the Battle Dawn Forums Newbies Questions

Default Guides

Getting Started - An introduction to Battle Dawn, including resources, building, units and conquering.

Screen Overview - A annotated screenshot of the GUI for Battle Dawn.

Construction Guide - A guide to the various constructions, their uses, and strategies.

Unit Guide - A brief introduction to combat, basic strategy and construction of units.

Player Made Guides

Kane's Guide for Beginners "What do I do?" - A guide for new players.

Ahrk's Getting a Good Start Guide - A useful guide explaining how to start off a round well.

Kane's Guide to Round Preparation - Ever wondered how some alliances always seem to start full? Read this guide to find out.

How to Coordinate Group Attacks - A guide about coordinating whole alliance attacks.

Advice for the New Player - A series of useful tips for new players.

Kane's Guide to Joining a Good Team Part 1 - Helpful tips on how to get into a good alliance, and how to be a good alliance member.

Kane's Guide on How to Stay on a Good Team Part 2 -Helpful tips about how to be a good alliance member and stay on a team.

Kane's Tip's and Tricks - Some helpful tricks about Battle Dawn

Xiao23's Battle Dawn Tutorial - Basics and Pre-Round and Early Game Advice

For more guides check out Battle Dawn Forums Strategy & Player Made Guides Board