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Missions were brought into the game as a alternative to the traditional static tutorial, we hope that this will both be a cool feature and guide new users.

Mission colonies are colonies that are not played by any player and cannot be conquered, they are only their to help aid new players through the game and later add dynamics to exciting missions for moderate to veteran players.

How do I interact with Missions?

You can interact with missions by clicking the mission buttons at the top left corner of your screen displayed in figure 1. After you click on the mission button, it should change from red to blue and have the abort option. Arrows will then guide your curser to wherever it needs to go, just follow the arrows and nine times out of ten you will finish the mission no problem if you have the necessary resources.
Figure 1

Types of Missions

Alright ladies and gents in this little section here we will get into the kind of missions you will find.

Building missions As seen in figure two their are building missions that are going to require some resources and time. When you start building the missions icon will turn pink and have a countdown time until you finish the mission.

Attack Missions In figure three you can see that their are some missions that will send you to attack a mission colony, these colonies are placed by the admin and are not run by players. The types of missions included in attack missions are, Attack colony and return squad and several others.

Veteran Missions Veteran missions are being planned as this wiki is being written, we do not know yet what these missions may entail but we are sure they will be here at some point.

Miscellaneous other missions Some other missions you will encounter will ask you to do something that may not really have much of an effect on game play but is a huge part of BattleDawn as a whole. For example there is one missions that will ask you to visit our forum, the forum button is displayed in figure four.

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