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There are many types of units in Battle Dawn and 27 different units altogether. All of the units are formed by choosing from the three different chassis, weapon and upgrade types.



The chassis sets the base HP, damage, and build cost of the unit. Infantry and Vehicles also gain a damage bonus against the next strongest chassis.

Image:Inf. Symbol.jpg


Also known as Fighters on galaxy worlds.

Cheap and easy to build, are very easily killed but can be effective in large numbers. Infantry deal 25% bonus damage to vehicles with all weapons and do regular damage to other infantry & tanks.

Numbers are infantry's only advantage on the modern battlefield and recruits are intensively trained to exploit that to the fullest.

While their ability to take cover often allows infantry to avoid direct hits from rockets and shells, modern beam weapons have proven almost completely ineffective on flesh-and-bone targets.

A common term you will hear on BD is 'Spamming'. This is when a player has squads composed of single infantry, one infantry unit (usually armor) in each squad. This squad can take empty outposts just as if it were a full squad so this tactic is utilized to force the enemy to split up his forces and defend many many weak attacks, causing chaos.

[50% damage taken from explosive weapons, 25% damage taken from beam weapons]
Image:Vehicle Symbol.jpg


Also known as Cavalry on fantasy worlds and Frigates on galaxy worlds.

A balanced choice between price and damage, vehicles are the best value for money as far as production costs. They deal 25% bonus damage to tanks with all weapons and deals regular damage to infantry and other vehicles.

The vehicle type covers a broad range of land based military craft. From modified pickup trucks to buggys and armored monsters that could almost be called tanks.

A vehicle's light armor provides adequate protection from small arms fire while their high speed makes them extremely difficult targets for rocket systems.

Vehicles are a good option to build against enemies who focus on explosive weapons and neglect to construct enough laser-based weapons. Be wary of those who build lots of lasers, as vehicles do not do well against them.

[50% damage taken from concussive weaponry, 25% damage taken from explosive weaponry]
Image:Tank Symbol.jpg


Also known as Heavy on fantasy worlds, Cruisers on galaxy worlds and Mechs on mars worlds.

Very expensive to build, tanks have the best armor and firepower. They deal normal damage with all weapons to all unit types.

Armored vehicles trade quantity for quality in protection and raw firepower. They carry the heaviest available mobile weapons systems, including long range self-propelled howitzers, incendiary weapons, the latest in guided missile technology and twin vulcan cannons into battle, not to mention the highly destructive beam cannons which are still a relatively new technology and tend to be large and cumbersome.

As a word of advice, the mistake most every player makes is to try to fill their army with tanks. Vehicles loaded with explosive weaponry will tear tanks to pieces if they can get in range. If you can avoid fighting large numbers of vehicles though, tanks are a perfectly viable option.

Heavy electronic shielding helps to reduce damage from beam weapons while thick armor makes them immune to most concussive armaments.

[50% damage taken from beam weapons, 25% damage taken from concussive weapons]


The weapon type determines which enemies a unit will attack first and how effectively it will deal damage to the different chassis.

Image:Concussive Symbol.jpg


Also known as Slashing on fantasy worlds, and Laser on galaxy worlds.

Traditional ballistic weapons that use a variety of methods to propel a solid bullet at high speeds.

Most effective against Soldiers. Deals 100% damage to infantry, 50% damage to Vehicles and 25% damage to Tanks.
Image:Beam Symbol.jpg


Also known as Piercing on fantasy worlds, and Plasma on galaxy worlds.

Relatively new technology developed during the last world war that ended in a nuclear holocaust. Covers a broad range of directed energy weapons that typically induce extremes of heat that can slag armor and machinery, and/or massive electric charges and EM fields which play havoc with even heavily shielded electronics.

Very effective against Vehicles. Deals 100% damage to Vehicles, 50% to Tanks and only 25% to Infantry.
Image:Explosive Symbol.jpg


Also known as Crushing on fantasy worlds, and Torpedo on galaxy worlds.

Includes all types of missile systems and high explosive cannon shells.

Effective against heavily Armored units. Deals 100% damage to Tanks, 50% to Infantry and 25% to Vehicles.

Unit Upgrade

Every unit will specialize in one area which can ultimately make the difference in your tactics and battles. It also effects the units cost.

Image:Armour Symbol.jpg


These units are the cheapest, and carry extra armor giving it more health points then others. This means they can take more damage and survive longer. (+2 HP for soldiers, +4 HP for vehicles, +6 HP for tanks). This same advantage has it's drawbacks. The armored units are on the front line and absorb damage before any is given to more expensive damage/range units. This is good for your army as a whole, but you try telling that to Sgt. Jimmy!
Image:Damage Symbol.jpg


These sort of units are of average cost, and have more powerful weapons. As a consequence deals 50% more damage than a range unit (200% more damage when compared to an armored unit). Damage units are good in even fights as they give you more bang for your buck in terms of armor and damage. The problem with damage units is that if you come to face an enemy who outnumbers you and has more range units than you do, your damage units tend to get killed before they even get a chance to use their more powerful weapons.
Image:Range symbol.jpg


These units have developed weapons to strike from farther: they fire two rounds before armor-upgraded units, and one round before damage-upgraded units. The point of these units is in large numbers they can kill enemy units before their damage and armor units even have a chance to fire at you. The weight of the larger weapons and the fact they are fired at last means these units tend to carry less armor than their damage counter-parts. (-2 HP for soldiers, -4 HP for vehicles, -6 HP for tanks)

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