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Messaging is one of the only ways to communicate to other players in Battle Dawn. Even here there are a few differences. Your messages are all managed through the message menu, which can be opened with this button.


This will open the Messages menu:


The Messages menu is where you can view all of your messages. The tabs on the left(highlighted in yellow) allow you to navigate around the menu. In the Inbox menu, you can view messages that have been sent to you by others. The Outbox menu enables you to view your sent messages. Note: messages showing the unread icon in the outbox menu have not been opened yet, or have been marked as unread. Archived messages are viewed by clicking on the Archived tab. Contacts can be viewed via the Contacts tab, and colonies that you have ignored are visible through the Ignores tab.

Highlighted in yellow is the Compose button. If you know a player's Ruler Name, then you can send a message through here by manually entering their name through the next screen, which is accessed by clicking the Compose button.

Highlighted in red are unread messages. They will always appear at the top of the page and have orange titles and the Unread Message icon next to them. Read messages (highlighted in blue) have white titles and the Read Message icon next to them. Clicking on a message will open it.

Image:Message open.png

At the top of the message (highlighted in red) is the sender of the message. Below that (highlighted in blue) is the subject of the message. Clicking on the magnifying glass icon (highlighted in brown) will take you to the sender of the message, whilst in the top right corner (highlighted in white) is the tick that the message was sent on.

On the left of the message (highlighted in yellow) are a series of buttons. Clicking the Buddy button will add the sender to your contacts list, and clicking the Ignore button will add the sender to your Ignores list. The Delete button deletes the message. If a message breaks the Terms and Conditions, clicking on the Report button will send a copy to the Admin. The Next/Previous buttons move you between messages, and the Parent/Child buttons move you up and down a reply chain. Click Reply to reply to the message.

How to Message Someone

Image:Send message colony.png

To message someone, either type their Ruler Name into a blank message (as detailed above, or click on their colony and select the Send Message button.

This will open a blank message for you to send them. Simply add a subject and your text and click send.


Mass Message

A mass message is a player to alliance message where everyone in your alliance will receive it. Usually this is done only when something important must be conveyed to the whole alliance. It is very useful for keeping everyone on the same page. In order to do this you must go to the Community page, then to "My Alliance", there you will see "Mass Message". It will open a normal looking message as if you were sending to one person, but it will send to everyone in your alliance.

Message Rules

Messages to players must follow the Terms and Conditions and you may have privileges removed (up to and including a full account ban) for misuse of the messaging system, including offensive material.

Also Note:

"2.4.3. Messages: You may use Services to send messages to users, provided that said messages are used for personal, non-commercial, non-harassing purposes. Tacticsoft may limit the amount of messages sent per day and may monitor Your use of messaging systems." Quoted from the TOS, here: Terms and Conditions

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