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Havoc is the time at the end of the round, where approximately 100 ticks (length can be changed according to admin) of chaos takes place.

The world will go into havoc if one alliance holds all 10 relics for 100 ticks straight, or if other goals set by the admin is reached. If the relics haven't been captured, and goals haven't been set or they haven't been achieved, a 1 tick world will go into havoc at tick 2500, while worlds with a faster tick speed will go into havoc at tick 3000.

Generally, the server administrator will give every player thousands of metal, oil, and max energy and population, so much that you can make about 100 or more squads with it. This is the time when you throw up your shields and hope for the best, or rapidly make squads and attack everyone and anyone around you. You can also do it the not-so-fun way and look for relics, but we'd all rather own everyone. Massive flights of troops cover the map, and most players take advantage of the 'free time' to kick back and have some fun. Scores accumulated during havoc do not count towards the final scoreboard, as an administrator will have recorded those prior to havoc.

As well as giving everybody lots of goodies to play with, the administrator of the server have been known to hand out many more than the usual 10 relics, also hand out 10,000 crystals to everyone. In addition, sometimes the administrator will form a special team of players to wreak havoc on the players themselves and turning the whole world against 1 common enemy, using Super Units capable of laying waste to hundreds, if not thousands of troops by themselves.

During havoc you can attack everyone and everything around you, or you can choose to participate in the event and try to win some bonus tokens for the next round. Overall it is just a fun time for everyone to be crazy and celebrate the end of an era.

NOTE: You cannot gain 'achievements' during havoc.



According to the rules your Server Administrator plays by, you may get some of the following. The amount may vary depending on the admin, server and how the admin is feeling on that particular day.

  • Relic/s
  • LOTS crystals
  • LOTS of metal
  • LOTS of oil
  • LOTS workers
  • Relics on every outposts that exists on the map.

Note that the Administrator may give another set of bonuses, i.e., 5,000 oil/metal in the middle of havoc.

Havoc Special Events

Depending on the admin and server, a server may have a 'special event' during their havoc. These events are designed to make havoc intresting and help reduce the anti-havoc mindset some people have.

Relic Havoc

In this havoc event the admin will release more relics for the world to conquer. Havoc resources will be given out as usual, and the person with the most relics at the end of the event will be given blue tokens as a reward (amount chosen by admin).

Crystal Havoc

In this havoc event the administrators will give 10,000 to every colony and OP in the world. Havoc resources will be given out as usual, and the person who ends up with the most crystals in the end of the event may receive blue tokens as a reward (amount chosen by admin).

Zombie Event

Zombie colony awaiting havoc

Instead of letting the players battle it out against each other, the admin will bring in a small team of special player that will wreck havoc among other player. One of these events is the Zombie Event; the special team of player will be given “super units” with heightened statistics, giving them the edge against others. Havoc resources will be distributed like usual and your goal will be to conquer the zombies, who will be identified with a zombie name. If you conquer one of them the admin will give you a specific amount of blue tokens as a reward (amount chosen by admin). However, if a zombie conquers you, you will be given the choice to join the ZOMB alliance.

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