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The hall of fame is a record of all past rounds and their winners.

In Game

You can find the in game hall of fame under the community window, in the Hall of Fame tab. Here you can select worlds and the era to see the winners of that era. You can select to see the top alliances and the top players of that round, and also see if they are playing currently in this server. If a player is playing on the server their name will be highlighted green and you will be able to select their names and see their location. You may also check the best of all time, by clicking it on the top, to find the best players of all time.

Currently the In Game Hall of Fame is incomplete, if you cannot find your round there please go to the forum hall of fame


You can find the forum hall of fame here http://battledawn.com/forum/viewforum.php?f=207. Currently the in game Hall of Fame is incomplete, please check the forums for a more complete Hall of Fame.

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