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File:Bonus screen.png

In this screen In-Game you may find several ways to gain bonus tokens. Bonus tokens can be used to buy boosts that may help you in the game (See Boosts & Bonuses). As you can see there are many ways to get these bonus tokens or otherwise known as blue tokens.

  • Free Tokens- Clicking this will lead you to another window that will have survey options and other ways you can get bonus tokens (see Surveys).
  • Refer a Friend- Click this link to get your referrer ID. With this ID anybody who you bring into the game using your link will be put under your Refers and anytime they buy tokens you will gain some blues. Note that this feature is currently not working since many have abused it, it will be re-introduced into the game soon
  • Verify Email- By clicking this you may verify your email. This will take you to another window where you will get an email to your email account and you must verify it. This will give you 50 bonus tokens.

Daily Bonus- This is another way to gain free tokens (see Daily Bonus).

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