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The Battle Dawn forum is the heart of the community and its the place to be to talk to people, make new friends, join new alliances, get the scoop on what's happening, get help from more experienced players or simple to chat. The forum is also the place to be to read announcements, report bugs and make suggestions.

Just login with your main Battle Dawn account details, then you can start posting and leaving your mark on the game. It is also suggested that you bookmark it or add the forums to your favourites for easier access but you can get to it from Battle Dawn.

It is advised for all players to check the forums regularly for the latest News, Wars and Guides.

The link to the forum is:


There are several sections to the Game Forums. Here are they are and a little description:

Help Desk-The help desk is used where players who have problems with the game such as loading and other problems come for guidance. When you visit the help desk you will get aid from players who are or have experienced similar problems to yours or you will find players who have a solution to your problem. The help desk is a serious part of the battle dawn forums so the staff would appreciate it if players did not spam it.