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FAQ or frequently asked questions that players have asked are answered below by other players. If you want to ask a question, please add it on the talk page and someone will get back on it.


What are Admins?

Admins are administrators. They watch over worlds, decide when they restart, ban players, decide when relics are released and give out rewards.

What are moderators?

Moderators are players that look after the forum, edit the wiki and many more. Certain moderators can ban players. They can lock forum topics edit posts and a few other things.

What are the levels of moderators?

There are a few different levels of moderators. You can only apply for one which is jr. mod. You usually work your way up from the bottom to the top. The order is:

  • Head moderator (head mod)
  • Senior moderator (Sr. mod)
  • Moderator (mod)
  • Junior moderator (Jr. mod)

The top is the best and bottom is the worst

How do I build nukes/dragons?

You need to have built the missile factory structure and farm level 1 then 2. Then build an outpost, have 24 control ticks over it then upgrade to a missile silo. You can then build nukes and fire them at people.

What things can get me banned?

Several things can get you banned. These include:

  • having more than one colony on the same server (multying)
  • getting friends to make colonies near you and conquering them (farming)
  • swearing or being racist in game
  • abusing a player

How many people can an alliance have in it max?

On all worlds the alliance max is 10, Since the Oct 8th updates.

Can people from Earth attack people from Mars?

No. You can only attack people in the same world as you. You can also not attack people in a different server. This means people in mars 1 can not attack people in mars 2 or any other servers.

What is havoc?

Havoc is a bit of fun after the round has finished and an alliance has won. There are a few different types of havoc but they all basically have the same aim, build a huge army and go crazy. You won't get tokens from winning havoc.

How do I get a relic?

You can get a relic by capturing it. They start off under the Admin's control and you can take it from him. You can also take relics from other players who own them. You cannot make a relic. You can find relics by going to 'Community' under the 'Relics' section.

How does score work?

Score works like this: 10 per 1 power, 20 per crystal and 1000 per relic.

What is overhead

It is the amount of increase in resources for building an army.See Dictionary for more details

How does overhead work?

For every 100 soldiers(1 infantry=1 soldier,1 vehicle=2 soldiers,1 heavy=3 soldiers) there is a 12% increase in your overhead.

How do I win?

You win when your alliance collects all ten relics and keeps them for 100 ticks. You also win if your alliance is rank one when the round gets to its last tick (usually around 3000-4000). You do not have to be the leader of the rank one alliance to win- just a member. You also do not have to be the rank one player to win.

Can my units defend me if they aren't in a squad?

Yes they can, as long as they are trained before the attack hits your colony/training base. You cannot, however, attack with or send units to another place without moving them into a squad.

Can I lose my colony completely (as in "Game Over")?

No, the only things that can happen to your colony are:

  • Being Conquered: Your conqueror receives resources for having conquered you but it does not come out of your income. You can continue to grow/build/recruit as normal and you can break free by means of rebelling. See Tax & Rebellion for more information.
  • Being Sabotaged: Certain amounts of resources can be destroyed by an enemy through advanced spy actions (oil burned, workers killed, energy overloaded). See the Spies page for more information.
  • Being Nuked: Colonies lose some forces through this, but only outposts are downgraded. See nukes for more information.

However, if you do not go on Battle Dawn for 8 days without vacation mode one, your colony will be permanently deleted. Supporters have 16 days before they get deleted.

How do I get money? How do I get resources?

To get resources, you must build the structures that make them. Go to your colony and the first three structures make the most essential income. The fourth gives you energy/mana, this is also important but not required for building structures.

Why can't I login? Why isn't the client loading?

The first thing to try here is to clear your cache and cookies from your browser, what probably happened is you have outdated BD information and you need to clear it.

For how to clear your cookies, refer to this

For how to clear your cache, refer to this

What is a UFO? What is that thing flying around?

The UFO Bonus is acquired through putting your mouse over the UFO that flies around every so often while you are logged in. When you get the UFO Bonus, it will pop up in your Events Page. The UFO Bonus resources can be any of the four resources, it can give:

  • Image:Oil_Symbol.jpg - Oil
  • Image:Metal_Symbol.jpg - Metal
  • Image:energy_Symbol.jpg - Energy
  • Image:Worker_Symbol.jpg - Workers

If you are looking at Battle Dawn for a while, you may see a UFO. Sometimes UFOs pop up in the background while the screen is dim (e.g. when you have a Construction or Message window open and the background map is dim). The UFOs pop up in random places at random times, so don't spend hours looking for them as they are unpredictable and don't give enough resources to justify the time spent looking for them. UFOs after the first per day give less each time, to stop abuse.

Can I have more than one colony?

Absolutely not, as it's against the rules and will get you permanently banned. You and another person are using the same computer or IP address, you should always inform the Admin first to avoid misunderstandings.

Can anyone trade with me?

No, only members of your alliance can trade with you, as long as they have been in the alliance with you for 100 ticks or more. This means that broadcasting trade requests is useless, because no one but your alliance has that ability. See the Trade section of the guide for more information.

How long is a tick?

One tick represents one hour (60 minutes) on a normal server. On some servers that are double speed, it's only 30 minutes. See What is a tick? for more information.

It can also be 6 ticks/hr on speed servers.

How long does the game last? How long does a round last?

The length of the game is determined by the Admin. See the Announcements section of the BattleDawn forum for the latest posted information. Usually a round lasts 3500 ticks for normal speed and 4500 ticks for double speed worlds.

What are Tokens?

Tokens are not a resource, but you can buy Supporter Tokens (red) to use to buy extra resources and other premium items. Occasionally, you can receive Bonus Tokens (blue), which will get you limited bonuses. These can be obtained by voting for Battle Dawn, UFOs (if your lucky), and even from the Admin.

I have brought tokens and have not received the tokens?

Do not be worried!! Sometimes the exchange from banks can be a slow process, usually you will receive the tokens within 3-5 days. If you have not recieved your tokens in that time, contact your world admin with receipt number and will be sorted straight away.

Why can't I relocate my colony?

Check you have the following and see Relocating Your Colony:

  • Enough oil for the trip
  • Image:Energy_Symbol.jpg 50 energy
  • 72 control ticks/hours on your colony
  • 24 control ticks/hours on your outpost

How do I heal my units?

Your units will repair themselves if they are parked on a colony or outpost. Every unit has health points, you can see them if you click the orders menu and inspect the squads. They are the little green blocks left of the picture of your unit. If your unit is damaged, every tick that they are parked, they will repair one health point.

Why can't I conquer someone?

You CANNOT conquer a colony that is already conquered by someone else or when you are conquered yourself. However you CAN steal crystals and fight his workers and you can free yourself by attacking your conqueror. See Conquered Colonies for more details.

So I've conquered someone, what does that mean?

You will now receive taxation from your conquer and you will receive a slightly higher amount of workers every 24 hours (See Tax & Rebellion). See Conquered Colonies for more details.

When I try and login it takes me back to the login screen, how do I fix this?

This is a simple issue, all you've got to do is go change your internet options and enable cookies.

What should I do if I know someone's breaking the rules?

You can go contact the Admin of that world, or tell the staff on the forum.

How do I attack or defend?

Click your squad, a green circle will appear around it. Point it toward the colony or outpost you like to attack/defend. Click on the target. A box will appear where you then can confirm the order and, if you like to do so, delay the travel of your squad.

Can beam units damage tanks or infantry?

Yes, any unit will damage any other unit, but, beam units have a greater effect on vehicles.

What's a NAP?

NAP stands for Non-Aggression Pact. This is an agreement between two alliances not to attack each other.

For more definitions, check the dictionary.

How do I report someone if abused?

If by chance you are receiving nasty messages in game, on the right hand side of the message sent is a report Button. Simply click this for the message to be delivered to the world Admin to Stop any sort of racial/foul language. If abuse is in Forums Moderators will deal with it accordingly.

What if my question isn't here?

If your question isn't here, then you can ask on the forum at the Help Desk.

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