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Admin/Administrator The game master of any given server, he/she maintains the rules of the game. You can find him by clicking this symbol.
Adopt-A-Newb Center
Also refered to as "AANC,This is the place to go if you are a new player in need of instruction on how to play the game | or a Veteran seeking assitance in fine tuning their current skills!

See http://battledawn.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=336&t=1036

Alignment 1.Allies- Players in your alliance. Marked Green.
2.Friendlies- An alliance your alliance has a friendly/peaceful realtionship with, meaning that they are your friends. Marked Blue.
3.Neutral- Has no relationships with a certain player or alliance. Marked yellow.
4.Hostile- Alliance that is hostile/unfriendly to you alliance, usually means that your alliance is fighting them. Marked red. See Alliances.
Backstabbing Attacking those who you or your alliance leader have pledged loyalty to.
Battle Reports
A report you get after a battle. It shows you what happened in the battle. See Battle Reports.
Colony/Castle The main base / HQ of a player. Can not be taken from the owners control, but can be conquered. See Colony.
Covert Operations
(Covert Op)
Special operations that can only be done when you have a spy planted on an op/colony. See Spies & Covert Ops
Developer Staff that code and program Battledawn
Crystal Symbol:
A valuable stone that is often sought after due to it's resource enhancement abilities. Provides increased resources and score. See Relics, Crystals, Wreckages and Garrisons.
Estimated Time
of Arrival (ETA)
The number of ticks for squads, nukes or spies to get to a location.
Forum The place where players can socialize off game.Can be found by clicking the 'F' on the top right of the screen http://battledawn.com/forum/index.php
Farm A colony who join only to convey resources to a third party.
Firestorm A spell that can be cast to destroy dragons and delay ships. See Ion Cannon
Gas Symbol: Image:Gas_Symbol.PNG
A type of resource on Galaxy servers: see Resources.
Garrison A special kind of outpost that are sometimes released by the administrator of the world. They usually contain large amounts of crystals and units on them to defend from attacks. See Relics, Crystals, Wreckages and Garrisons.
Gating Using a gate/colony to instantly teleport to another gate/colony
Gold Symbol: Image:Gold_Symbol.PNG
A type of resource on Fantasy servers: see Resources.
Havoc The final phase of an era, marking the coming reset of a server. Usually signified by the admin of the server handing out a large amount of resources and workers, and sometimes a special event for the server.
Hall Of Fame(HoF) A record of all past era's and their winners.
Head Moderator Highest level of moderator with the ability to ban users.
IGN An acronym of ingame name.
Ion Cannon
The Ion Cannon is the Level 5 Military structure, it has the ability to destroy nukes and delay squads.
Jammed Jamming an gate/rader/colony/missile silo using 20 energy.
1. Jamming a Gate- Jams the gate so no squads can get to/from that gate.
2. Jamming a Rader Outpost- Jams the radar so the alliance/player will not have radar coverage.
3. Jamming a Colony- Jams the radar and gate of the player. See the effects of jamming gates and raiders above.
4. Jamming a Missile- Jamming a missile solo will make it unable to launch any nukes for the period it is jammed.
Junior Moderator Entry level moderator. Has limited moderating privileges. Junior moderators are on a probationary period to see if they qualify for moderator
Killed In Action
A unit that has died in battle. The game automatically buries your dead.
Kong Referring to a Battle Dawn server on the Kongregate website.
Lumber Symbol: Image:Wood_Symbol.PNG
A type of resource on Fantasy servers: see Resources.
Marker A note/little marker that can be made by anyone in your alliance, but only the leader and the ministers can edit them.
MDAP Mutual Defensive and Aggression Pact, an agreement between two or more alliances that promise to defend each other from aggression, and assist each other in attacking another alliance.
Metal Symbol: Image:Metal Symbol.jpg
A type of resource on Earth and Mars servers: see Resources.
An Individual who has devoted their time to teaching new players how to play the game. As well as veteran players who just want to get a more in-depth experience. Refer to "Adpot-A-Newb Center above^
Minerals Symbol: Image:Mineral_Symbol.PNG
A type of resource on Galaxy servers: see Resources
Moderator Moderators are qualified mods, in charge of mentoring Junior moderators.
NAP Non-Aggression Pact, an agreement between two or more alliances, promising not to attack one-another.
NC New Client. The current form of Battle Dawn.
Newb Short for Newbie, a player that is new to the game.
Noob A player that is not new, but demonstrates a lack of certain characteristics, such as teamwork, or skill. Often intended to be offensive. Note: Just because someone has called you a Noob, it does not mean that you are one. People often call others Noobs out of frustration, normally when the individual in question has just conquered them.
Nukes Most powerful weapon on BattleDawn. Refers to a missile on Earth and Mars servers
OC Symbol:Old Client. The previous version of Battle Dawn, before the current form of it was implemented.
Oil Symbol: Image:Oil Symbol.jpg
A type of resource on Earth and Mars servers: see Resources.
Small bases that can be upgraded to fulfill a number of roles. Can be captured by other players.
Overhead An extra percentage of resources required to build an army. 12% for every 100 soldiers.
Protection These players show up as colonies with blue circles around them and they cannot be attacked until the protection wears out. See Protection.
RC Referring to one of the Battle Dawn RC test servers.
Relic The most valuable item in Battledawn. There are only ten relics in a server. Relics give a lot of score and are like flying outposts that can be moved around the map by the owner. See Relics, Crystals, Wreckages and Garrisons.
Senior Moderators Senior Mods provide oversight for Head Moderators and make sure that Moderators are doing their jobs correctly.
Spam/Spamming When a player sends a large amount of low cost squads to take many outposts or colonies at once.
Spies A unit that can perform overt operations on colonies/outposts. Only one is allowed.
Squad A group of units placed together that are able to be deployed, attack and defend.
Territory An area in which an alliance, and sometimes a single person, might own. Although the alliance might not actually own the place, their color can appear in the area.
Tick Symbol: Image:Tick Symbol.jpg
Unit of time in Battle Dawn. One tick = One Hour On Normal Servers. One tick = Half An Hour On Double Tick Servers. See What_is_a_Tick?.
Unit A construct used to defend yourself, or attack other players.
Upkeep This is something you pay against your population income to determine how many workers you gain every 24 ticks. You take your income and subtract the upkeep. Lots of things add into upkeep, like outposts, nukes, army size, amount of conquered colonies under your control, crystals you and your alliance possess, and resource outposts you and your alliance control.
MoW Minister of War. Alliance leaders can chose one member of their alliance to be a Minister of War, their primarily used to coordinate squad movement.
MoFA Minister of Foregin Affairs. Alliance leaders can chose one member of their alliance to be a Minister of Foreign Affairs, their primarily used as a spokesman when dealing with non-allied alliances.
MoI Minister of Intel. Alliance leaders can chose one member of their alliance to be a Minister of Intel, their primarily used to gather valuable information from other alliances.
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