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Important: Your colony will be deleted automatically if you do not log in for 8 days (16 if you're a supporter)

If you are going to be offline for a few days, you should activate vacation mode.

Accounts that are not in vacation mode have an idle counter that increases each tick the account is inactive. If your colony has been idle for 8 days, your colony will be deleted from that server.

After these 8 days (16 if you're a supporter):

  • The colony is deleted
  • The colony turns into a camp
  • The deleted colony now turned camp, still keeps all crystals that were originally on the colony
  • All outposts belonging to that colony become neutral
  • Everything other than the outposts, and colony/camp are deleted. (squads, recruits, construction, etc)

Your account remains intact, and you will be able to make a new colony on that world when your other one has deleted, if required.

Ways To Keep Your Account From Being Deleted

  • Login frequently
  • Activate Vacation if you're going away.
  • Support Battle Dawn. Any colony on a supporter account will delete after 16 days and not 8.

To keep your account from being deleted from inactivity put your account on Vacation, which will stop the inactivity counter but will also prevent you from logging in for the duration.

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