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After you've conquered a colony, you'll receive taxation from that colony during the period that it remains a conquer. The amount of taxation paid to you can be found in the game under the Colony Management screen, the Colony tab. See Tax & Rebellion for more details.

You can't control the conquered colony as in the construction and military operations. So he/she can still send out squads to attack and construct new buildings. Conquered colonies will lose any crystals they had when conquered.



Conquering a colony occurs whenever a battle at a colony results in the owner of a colony losing but only if the colony was originally not conquered by anyone, and the victor was currently unconquered.

When you conquer a colony your squads return back to where they were sent from (e.g. your colony). Colonies can not be conquered if they have already been conquered by you or someone else or you are conquered yourself. The only exception to this is when you attack your conqueror, you can conquer your conqueror ONLY when you are already conquered, and doing so will liberate any conquered colonies by your conqueror.

Sending squads to attack colonies that have already been conquered is a waste of time. Doing so is often seen as 'griefing' and may result in.

Liberating colonies

TIP: Conquering your conqueror;

If you are conquered, and your conqueror is close by, and someone in your conqueror's alliance is beside your conqueror, send an infantry unit (The most basic infantry unit.) towards each of their outposts with no units in it, conquering their outposts, (it's all right if they re-conquer their own outposts, that's the point of this trick) and this will draw away (most likely) every unit they have AWAY from their colonies.

Then, attack the other guy with that 1 infantry unit at the SAME time as you attack your conqueror all-out with as much units as YOU can make. (Make sure to jam BOTH of their radars first!) As this is happening, the SAME tick you sent both of the squads out, (send them out on the same tick, so that they arrive, more or less, at the same time) relocate your colony a long way away from your conqueror. This will occupy your conqueror (Soon to be conquered by you.) while you are being liberated by the relocation.

Also, they wont know where you are, and in the 3+ ticks it takes to conquer your conqueror, while you have relocated and are still rebelling, you will be automatically freed by the conquering of your conqueror.

What To Do When Conquered

If you are brand new and just started playing then most likely once you get out of protection you will get conquered. If you are a newb then you shouldn't rebel right after you get conquered because your conqueror will slaughter you. Here are your main options:

  • Rebel until your liberator gets aggravated and frees you. Disadvantage: This may take a long time.
  • Do as many spy attacks as you can, one after another. Mostly do "Ignite Oil" or "Poison water supply" these are the two most aggravating ones in the game. Disadvantage: It cost energy, and you conqueror might do them back at you or nuke you.
  • Join a powerful alliance and help them protect you as you rebel. Disadvantage: He might still try to conquer you, and possibly your new teammates!
  • Just ask if you can be liberated. Tell you conqueror you are willing to play the game and help out his alliance if you can join it. Disadvantage: Your conqueror will probably say no if you are low ranked.
  • Move to another continent and rebel so he can't get you. Disadvantage: You are at risk of being conquered by someone else.


You can also liberate the colony if you want to. Liberating a colony release them from your control. When you release the colony from your control you will no longer receive tax from them.

Force Relocation

Option to force relocate an conquered colony

You can also force relocate a conquered colony to an outpost owned by yourself, but you must have:

  • Control that colony for 48 ticks
  • Controlled the outpost of your own for 24 ticks.

Also the colony must be within a 24 tick radius of your colony and you cannot force relocate them if they are rebelling. Force relocating a colony will cause him/her to lose half their oil but release them from your control so you won't gain resources from their taxation any more. Their original colony location will turn into an outpost which will be under your control.

There are various reasons why you would want to relocate a colony under your control.

  • To cause them to lose half of their oil.
  • To move them to a position away from you so that you do not have to deal with them if they are a threat to your colony, or if they are simply a pest.
  • To bring them to a position near an area in which you have placed military units. This way you will be able to easily conquer the colony again and keep them under your control when they attempt to rebel. This way you can ensure that you will receive tribute from them.

To force relocate a colony, simply click on the colony you wish to force relocate and then click the icon with an arrow pointing downwards to the ground (shown above). This will then give you the option of which outpost to force relocate the conquer to. Click on the name of the outpost you wish to force relocate them to and it will be done. Any squads they have on their colony at the time of force relocation will stay on there on your outpost. Any units inside the Main base or in training will stay with them to the place they relocate to.

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