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Each player in the game is represented by a colony. From here, you embark on your quest for world domination. Your colony houses all of your workers, who collect resources and can be trained into military units, as well as any structures that you have constructed. You can conquer a player by attacking their colony. Until you get a Training Base, your colony is the only place that you can recruit units.

Colony Appearance

The size of a colony is dependent on the number of workers present in that colony. The more workers a colony has, the larger it is.

Under 200 Workers
without crystals
Image:Colony200 400.png
200-400 Workers
without crystals
Image:Colony400 600.png
400-600 Workers
with crystal(s)
Image:Colony600 800.png
600-800 Workers
with crystal(s)
Over 800 Workers
with crystal(s)
Holds a relic
with crystal(s)

It is possible to change the appearance of your colony using supporter tokens (see Boosts and Bonuses)


Workers collect resources from your resource structures, and can be trained into military units. 25 workers provide 1 power. To get workers, you need to build the Farm structure. The higher level this structure is, the more workers you gain. Workers are gained every 24 ticks and is referred to as "Worker Growth". Each conquer adds 1 worker to this total, and one worker is added for every 2 resource outposts you control. For every 25 crystals your alliance controls, you get 1 worker added to the total.

For more details on how worker growth is calculated check out: Production Table

Smoke Colors

Sometimes a colony will have smoke coming from it. The color depends on what is happening.

File:Rebelling.png File:Temp_banned.png File:Perma_banned.png
Black smoke - Rebelling Orange smoke - Temp banned Red smoke - Perma banned
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