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Image:Broadcast Line.png

A broadcast is like a news ticker that everyone in the game can see, it cycles through other people who have submitted broadcasts. It is at the bottom of the screen and anyone can broadcast a message. Making broadcasts can be used to look for your friends, brag about a victory, recruit for an alliance, find an alliance and many other purposes.

Broadcast Menu

To broadcast a message, click on button with the three green lines, on the far left of the broadcast window, and a box will come up. Type your message into the box and press the broadcast button to broadcast your message. Each broadcast costs 1 Energy.


When you have broadcast a message you will notice a red X appearing to the left of the broadcast message field, unless you have supporter then the red X will always be there. Clicking the red X will "jam" (delete) the broadcast that are currently showing in the broadcast message field, but only if are a supporter. If you are not, then you can only jam your own broadcasts. Jamming a broadcast causes it to be jammed for all players, not just yourself, so use it wisely.

Things to consider:

  • Your message will be shown on the top of the screen for a maximum of 24 hours, depending on your activity.
  • If you make multiple broadcasts within 24 hours, each will be overwritten and the new one replaces the early one. You can only have ONE broadcast a time.
  • There is no point in broadcasting a trade as you can only trade with people in your alliance. Most of the other players find people doing this annoying.
  • Broadcasts must not contain sexual or racial comments.
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