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Colony with Golden Colony Boost

Tokens, Red (Supporter Tokens) or Blue (Bonus Tokens), are used to purchase Battle Dawn boosts. Boosts are advantages you can redeem in-game via the "boost" menu in the top left hand corner.

Red/Supporter Tokens: Supporter tokens are tokens that are purchasable via the "Buy Tokens" menu (See the section below for a table of packages). Some boosts can only be bought with these red tokens. Supporters do have the option to give red tokens to any other player on a world they are playing on via the profile page.

Blue/Bonus Tokens: These tokens are given out to players for certain things and CANNOT be traded. A player receives 100 bonus tokens on completing the tutorial (for the first time only) and gaining 20 power (for the first time only). You can also gain bonus tokens for competing in staff/community events, helping Battle Dawn in some way or anything else the administrators deem worthy such as notifying the admin of a player/alliance you suspect of cheating/exploiting in some way. Another way to earn bonus tokens is by referring players to the game, using your personal referral link. You're rewarded with 200 blue tokens if you buy a package of 3000 tokens or more. Finally, you gain bonus tokens by unlocking achievements during play, each being worth 50 blue tokens. Bonus tokens can only be used to buy certain boosts, but are certainly very useful! Achievements can only be earned once on an account and show up in all worlds you play.

Red Tokens: Packages

Battle Dawn is a free-to-play game, and relies on supporters to purchase tokens and advertisement for funding. We offer the ability for a player to purchase Red/Supporter tokens if they wish in order to gain the ability to use boosts.

Prices are by the PayPal price, other prices may vary. The prices are correct as of 29th October, 2011. All prices in USD.

Token Amount Cost (USD) Cents per Token Tokens per Dollar
200 $4.50 2.25 44.4
400 $7.50 1.88 53.3
1000 $18.00 1.8 55.5
1900 $31.50 1.66 60.3
3000 $45.00 1.5 66.6
6000 $90.00 1.5 66.6


A Mars server running a 10% discount.

The world administrator may decide to add a 'discount' to the price of boosts in his/her world. The world's discount is displayed below the 'Boost' button. The range of discounts during game-play varies from 0-20 percent. During havoc there are usualy large discounts of 80% or more. Note that discounts do not effect the price of which tokens are bought at, rather the amount of tokens it costs to purchace a boost. For example:

Without any discount a light metal boost will cost 100 tokens.

With a 10% discount the light metal boost will cost 90 tokens.


Daily Bonus

The Daily Bonus rewards increase each day that you get it (after 24 hours). However, if you do not get the Daily Bonus for 48 hours, the day count will reset. You can get the bonus once per player, no matter how many worlds you play. After getting the Day 7 reward, the days will rest, and you will restart at the Day 1 bonus.

     Day 1: 220 oil
     Day 2: 240 oil + 220 metal
     Day 3: 260 oil + 240 metal + 12 energy
     Day 4: 280 oil + 260 metal + 14 energy + 12 workers
     Day 5: 300 oil + 280 metal + 16 energy + 14 workers
     Day 6: 300 oil + 300 metal + 20 energy+ 20 workers + 25 tokens
     Day 7: 120 tokens

Token Boosts

There are many boosts which a player can purchase using tokens. This data is accurate as of April 10th, 2014.

Change Name
Small Energy/Mana Boost
Small Workers boost
Light Metal/Gold/Mineral Boos
Oil/Lumber/Gas Production boost
Small Oil/Lumber/Gas Boost
Metal/Gold/Mineral Production Boost
Donate to Battle Dawn(Small)
Heavy Metal/Gold/Mineral
Large Oil/Lumber/Gas
Big Storage
Large Energy/Mana Boost
Donate to Battle Dawn (Large)
Large Workers Boost
Emergency Metal/Gold/Mineral boost
Emergency Oil/Lumber/Gas Boost
File: Emergency_Oil_Boost.png
Emergency Workers Boost
Emergency Energy Boost
Golden Avatar Frame
Golden Colony
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