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The BattleDawn Battle System operates on a mathematical schema of the attacker's units, weapons, and upgrades and the defender's units, weapons, and upgrades. The outcome of battle depends on targeting and firing sequences. Essentially, when opponents engage, an in-battle turn sequence initiates with both teams firing in turns.


Battle Targeting

When two armies face each other, all units shoot at the same time each round. Range-upgraded units fire two round before armour Range-1 units, and damage (range 2) units fire one round before armour units. Thus, when Range-upgraded units are involved, they target and fire before the damage (Range 2) and before the armour (range 1) battle ensues. Battle is often most effective with squads of mixed units. The important element to remember while doing this is that damage will always be dealt to the target on which the firing unit's weapon will have the most effect.

Example: Concussive weapons are most effective on Infantry. Thus, if a unit with concussive weapons is present, it will fire at any Infantry before it targets Vehicles and then Tanks (Armour).

Including damage effectiveness, targeting follows this sequence:

  • Damage: Concussive vs Infantry, Beam vs Vehicles, Explosive vs Tanks (Armour)

  • A) Infantry
  • B) Vehicles
  • C) Tanks (Armour)
  • A) Vehicles
  • B) Tanks (Armour)
  • C) Infantry
  • A) Tanks (Armour)
  • B) Infantry
  • C) Vehicles

  • Upgrade:

After damage is targeted at a certain chassis, first it is applied to any armor units there are. If there are no armor units alive then the damage is applied to any damage units alive, if there are none of those then any range units will receive it. If the targeted chassis has no units to injure, the damage is applied the the next most efficient (see table above) chassis, and so on and so forth until one side is dead.

Armour-Upgraded units will always be shot first before damage or range units of the same chassis type are targetted. They are the cannon fodder of squads -- i.e. if a Rifle Man (+Armour) and a Commando (+Damage) are on the enemy side, the Rifle Man will be shot first, and only after he dies will the damage be directed at the Commando. This increases the Commando's chances of survival for that round, thus allowing him to inflict damage in the next round as well.

When multiple units of the same type, quality or specialization exist, they are targeted by the characteristics of Health. After upgrades are considered, the unit with the least Health Points (HP) will be targeted first. This helps reduce the number of firing units quickest. Finally, units with Anti-Tank (Explosive) weapons will be targeted before units with Anti-Vehicle (Beam) weapons, and units with Anti-Infantry (Concussive) weapons will be targeted last. This is not the case 100% of the time, but for the most part it holds true.

Calculations for different chassis

Contrary to the conception of extra damage being awarded on particular chassis by more effective weapons, the system actually reduces the health of the units being targeted by weapons more effective to that chassis by 25%, instead of increasing it by 25%.

Several attackers on the same target

When two or more squads from different players arrive on the same tick at an enemy outpost or colony, they will join forces and fight together against the defenders, if any exist on the outpost/colony. At no point will the attackers attack each other until the defenders are dead. After there are no defenders, the attackers will target each other to determine who gets the spoils of war.

NOTE: If three or more alliances converge on the same target, only the two largest forces will participate in the 'battle for spoils'. All other players will get an event notifying them that their forces were too weak to fight, and they were turned back.

Defending army wins or draw

If all the units of the attackers are killed then nothing more happens. The defender keeps his outpost, stays unconquered. This is also true in case of a draw, where both sides loses all their units. If the attacker has no surviving units, there is no one left to take over the outpost or conquer the colony.

Attackers win

The attacker with the strongest surviving army after a possible battle with a defending army takes the outpost or conquers the colony that was attacked. If it was a colony that was attacked, then the attackers return to their origin as usual. If it was an outpost that was attacked then the army is parked on the newly conquered outpost.

Definition: Strongest army

The strongest army is the one which has the largest amount of soldiers, or has the best unit build. (For example: 2range per 1 Armor.)

Who gets the crystals?

If more than one person from the same allaince sent units at a colony with 1 crystal, then whoever had the most surviving soldiers gets the crystal. If there is more than one crystal and more than one person from the same alliance, then the crystals are split in the ratio of the surviving soldiers.


When battles take place, there's a chance of you getting salvage after it happens. Salvage comes in the form of metal Image:Metal_Symbol.jpg. Only the owner of the target where the battle took place will get salvage.

The amount of salvage the owner of the target gets is: Number of dead soldiers (inf = 1, veh = 2, tank = 3) x 8

So for example if you lose 10 infantry units you will get 80 salvage.

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