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Battle reports tells you what happened in a battle. You will get one after any battle, attacker and defender. Battle reports only gives you a rough overview of the battle. The only time you won't get one is if you were defeated by an enemy of sufficient size that your units did not get a chance to relay the intelligence before they were destroyed.

How To Find Battle Report

You can see your battle report by going into the military tab of the Reports window then clicking on the event and selecting the middle option 'Battle Report'.

The above is a battle report. You can see that there is an attacking side and a defending side. On the left at the top and bottom it lists the colonies that are in each side of the battle. You can click these names and do one of the following commands:

  • Take the camera to their colony.
  • Show only their units in the report if you are interested in that person specifically.
  • Send a message.

You can see in between these two colony lists is an information area. Before you begin the report you can see that it tells you the sizes and costs of each army and the general performance rating of the victorious party. There you can quickly see how well you did (or if you lost, how poorly you made the opponent do). In the center of the screen you can see that there is a button labeled "Show Battle Report". When you select this it will show you the losses on both sides, round by round, so you can see how the battle unfolds. In this battle let's see one round and see what happens.

-The white number at the top left corner is how many of that kind of unit there were/was. The small red numbers at the bottom right hand corner indicate how many of that unit you lost.

Here we can see that the defenders have killed four units so far, and you can see which types of units get finished off with the large red tint and KIA text. You can also see that the information area on the left has been replaced by a casualty counter. It shows you the starting forces in strict number of units, and separates the losses out in each round as you click the "Next Round" button. At any time you can say "Show Battle Report" to go to the start. Let's look at the next round and see what happens.

We can see that I've killed a few more units. Luckily he only has armor units, so my Jeeps have been able to fire two rounds without the enemy even being able to fire back! This is a good way to look through each battle and see what went wrong and where it all happens. Let's take a look at the next round.

Well, looks like I didn't get out of this without a scratch, but something tells me this guy won't be happy when he checks the battle for himself. Last one!

The Battle Simulator

The Battle Simulator is a relatively new feature, that allows you to use information gathered through scans or previous battles to attempt to predict the outcome of a battle. To enter the battle simulator, go to the colony screen and click the Statistics tab on the bar at the left. You will be taken to the page shown below:

Click the Battle Simulator button to enter the simulator itself:

Simply enter the numbers of units for the battle you wish to simulate, then click Get Battle Report.

You can also select hp=1 to make defending/attacking forces 1hp, simulating what would happen after spy attacks and/or missile strikes.

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