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What is Battle Dawn Mars?

Battle Dawn Mars is set on a future Mars where the battle scarred landscape has been slightly terraformed to support life. The planet is small and the conditions harsh, what little water that can be found is usually irradiated from the non-stop nuclear bombardments that are common on the planet. On Mars, the fighting is dirty and gritty, this is not the landscape for the squeamish. Many tried and true veterans have come to Mars seeking fortune and glory and finding only broken dreams and destroyed armies.

The colonies and structures are essentially the same as the ones on Earth. One exception, due to the vast shifting dust plains, tanks proved ineffective for the landscape and engineers quickly developed a new type of chassis that could survive the rigors of Mars...the Mech! One thing the novice should be aware of before settling down planet side, Mars is a small planet, so the fighting is fast and fierce, starting here is definitely recommended for the experienced player.

How to play

Playing on Mars is exactly the same as any other world on Battle Dawn. Go to Battle Dawn and click the Launch Game button. If you do not have an account, click the New Player button on the login screen. This will allow you to create an account and log in. After you have an account, click on the Mars icon on the left and it will display a list of active Mars games for you to join. The in game tutorial will help you to get started if you are new to Battle Dawn.


There are four resources: metal, oil, energy and workers. Resources, just like the other Battle Dawn worlds, are used to make basic units, structures and move squads across the war torn landscape. Buildings, outposts and advanced units use both metal and oil. Energy is used for scan operations, as well as for spies, launching nuclear missiles and the ion cannon. Workers collect resources, and are used to build units.


This theme's victory conditions are either capture all ten of the relics and hold them for 100 ticks (turns), or have the alliance with the highest score at the end of the era. Eras last for 2500 ticks on 1 tick / hour servers, and 3000 ticks on all others.


The Battle Dawn Mars Unit Recruiting Screen

There are three Military Unit Types on Battle Dawn Mars: Infantry, Vehicles, and Mechs.

Infantry are the cheapest unit in the game. They are small and agile, but poorly armed and armored. However, due to their low cost, they have the advantage of numbers, and a squad of Infantry can easily take down a Vehicle, due to their bonus they deduct 25% health from Vehicles .

Vehicles are a medium cost unit. They are not as maneuverable as Infantry, but still faster than Mechs. They are able to out-maneuverer Mechs and destroy them from close range, unhindered by the Mechs' Infantry Defence Systems. Due to this, they deduct 25% health from Mechs.

Mechs are the strongest and slowest units in the game. Their heavy metal shell is difficult to penetrate by many weapons, although they are vulnerable to massed Vehicle attacks. Other than that, Mechs are difficult to beat in battle. They have no bonus damage.

Differences to Galaxy, Earth, and Fantasy

Mars is a map of continents. Instead of islands or asteroids it is based on the actual Mars with some terraforming to support life. It has seven main continents with little in the way of water to separate them. If you like a smaller map this is the one to go for as it is the smallest out of the other 3. If you are a long time player on Battle Dawn this would be the map to pick to get a game of fierce competition.


An alliance (see alliances) is a group of players who work together in order to become more powerful. Up to 10 players can be in an alliance. Members of an alliance are able to share resources, use each others outposts as well as attack and defend together.


The colony screen, a graphical representation of the structures you have built

A Colony or Colonies on Battle Dawn Mars are a graphical representation of each player. They are where the player builds units, collects resources, and constructs buildings. There are many different types of buildings. Resource collection buildings do exactly as the name suggests; they collect resources. Food production buildings provide food, which leads to workers, who collect resources and can be trained into units. The more workers, the more resources are collected. Buildings can be upgraded on the Buildings Screen. Upgraded resource buildings increase resource production, whilst other kinds of buildings give you access to new units and technologies. Level five of these kinds of buildings give the owner of the colony abilities, such as level five of the Unit Production building, which allows the owner to build and fire nuclear missiles, a weapon capable of massive devastation.

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