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What is Battle Dawn Fantasy?

Battle Dawn Fantasy is a theme for Battle Dawn. Although the structures essentially do the same thing as the ones on Earth, Mars and Galaxy worlds, the map and design of all the units, structures, colonies (known as castles on Fantasy worlds), and outposts are different.

How to play

Go to [1] and click the Launch Game button. Choose the fantasy world then choose the server you're interested in joining. The in-game tutorial will help you to get started if you are new to Battle Dawn. If you do not have an account, you can register once you enter the game and finish the tutorial from the REGISTER button on the top left.


There are four resources, Gold, Lumber, Mana and Workers. Gold is used to make basic units and Lumber is used to move ships around. Buildings, outposts and advanced units use both Gold and wood. Mana is used for scan operations, as well as for spies, launching Dragons and casting a Fire Storm on dragons, ships or castles. Workers collect resources, and are used to build units.


The theme still maintains the same victory conditions; either capture all ten of the relics, or have the alliance with the highest score at the end of the era. Eras still last the same number of ticks as Earth, Mars and Galaxy worlds.


The Battle Dawn Fantasy Unit Recruiting Screen

There are three types of units on Battle Dawn Fantasy. There are three different unit types; Infantry, Cavalry, and Heavy. Infantry are the cheapest unit in the game. They are small and agile, but poorly armed and armoured. However, due to its low cost, it has the advantage of numbers, and a division of Infantry can easily take down a troop of Cavalry, due to their bonus damage of 25% against Cavalry.

Cavalry are a medium cost unit. They are not as maneuverable in combat as Infantry , but are still faster than Heavy units. However, they can easily run down cumbersome Heavy units, and due to this, they have 25% bonus damage against Heavy units.

Heavy units are the strongest units in the game. Their armour is difficult to penetrate, although they are vulnerable to massed Cavalry charges. Other than that, Heavy units are difficult to beat in battle. They have no bonus damage.

Differences to Earth, Mars and Galaxy worlds

Difference to Earth: Fantasy has less water than Earth worlds, and Earth doesn't have mountain areas (you can build Outposts over the mountains). Additionally, Fantasy maps are smaller than Earth maps.

Difference to Mars: Fantasy has mountain areas.

Difference to Galaxy: Galaxy worlds have entirely different maps to Fantasy worlds.


An alliance is a group of players who work together in order to become more powerful. Up to 10 players can be in an alliance.


The castle screen, a graphical representation of the structures built

Castles on Battle Dawn Fantasy are a graphical representation of each player. They are where the player builds units, collects resources, and constructs buildings. There are many different types of buildings. Resource collection buildings do exactly as the name suggests; they collect resources. Food production buildings produce food, which leads to workers, who collect resources and can be trained into units. The more workers that a castle has, the more resources are collected. Buildings can be upgraded on the Buildings Screen. Upgraded resource buildings increase resource production, whilst other kinds of buildings give you access to new units and technologies. Level five of these kinds of buildings give the owner of the colony abilities, such as level five of the Unit Production building, which allows the owner to build and launch dragons, a weapon capable of massive devastation.