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Alliance Overview

Alliances are teams of players who work together against other players or alliances. In any alliance you can trade, see each other's radar, squads, resources and outposts and help each other to attack or defend. It is highly recommended that you join an alliance as soon as you leave protection. The max members you can have in one alliance is 10-12 on all servers (12 on some because the update has not yet kicked in, it will when the server restarts).

Once in an alliance you can mass message everyone else in the alliance and many other 'team only' mechanics.


Creating an Alliance

When you create an alliance for 1 Image:Energy Symbol.jpg, you automatically become the leader of the alliance. After you create an alliance you can invite other players by pressing the button indicated below on other people's colonies after you click on them to bring up the radial menu. Being a successful leader is very difficult so do not be surprised if players do not jump at the opportunity to join with you at first glance.

Joining An Alliance

Note you are unable to join an alliance after leaving/being kicked from one in the past 24 ticks. The four best methods of finding an alliance are:

  1. Ask around! Message a few alliance leaders, ask if they're recruiting. This is the best way for a new player to join an alliance, and should be tried first before other options.
  2. Checking out for any openings on the forum in our Alliance Recruitment Board [1]
  3. Keep an eye out for recruiting alliances in broadcasts (little ticker down the bottom of the screen).
  4. Join an open alliance! To join an open alliance, simply click an alliance leader's colony, then hit 'Join Alliance'.

If you are unsure, alliance leaders can be identified by the top half of their flag being colored orange, or you can find them by clicking the community button on the top left of the screen and then hitting the alliances tab.

Becoming the Leader

Alliance Leaders Have Orange Flags

There are three ways to become a leader of an alliance:

  • Create the alliance - When you create an alliance, you are automatically the leader of the alliance and are responsible for inviting colonies in the Battle Dawn world into your alliance.
  • Overthrow the leader of your alliance - When the members of an alliance choose to overthrow the leader of their alliance, a member whom they have chosen by a margin of >50% to lead will become the leader. To overthrow your leader and become the leader, the majority of the members in the alliance you belong to must click the "thumbs up" bubble in the "My Alliance" page after clicking your name. You need more than 50% of the whole alliance to vote for one member in order for them to become the new leader.
  • Every member leaving the alliance except you - Well, this is pretty much self explanatory. If everyone leaves, you're the leader! Congrats!

Leader Options

When you are the leader, you have the ability to invite colonies into your alliance (costs 1 Image:Energy Symbol.jpg each) and deal with relations from neutral to ally/enemy with other alliances (explained below).

Open/Closed Alliances

'Join Alliance' option

In the 'My Alliance' tab, leaders have an option to close or open the alliance for new recruits. If the alliance is 'open' anybody may join the alliance without invitation, if it is 'closed' the leader must send an invitation in order for people to join. The default setting when an alliance is created is 'open'.


As an alliance leader you can also appoint ministers, such as "Minister of War", or "Minister of Foreign Affairs". These ministers have some powers that normal members dont have, but most of the time they are symbolic obelisks of authority who will carry out the will of the leader. You can appoint players to these positions by clicking on their name in the "My Alliance" screen and then selecting the position you wish for them to carry. You can only have one member appointed as a minister and no member can be multiple ministers at once.

Here are a list of ministers:

  • The Minister of Foreign Affairs (MoFA)-He's the diplomat of the team, the one you go to for negotiation. The MoFA has the ability to mark alliances hostile/friendly/neutral. In the "My Alliance" screen, the MoFA's name is green.
  • The Minister of War (MoW)-He has the strategy, he's the one that will declare war and can lead the alliance properly during war. The MoW also has the ability to mark alliances hostile/friendly/neutral. In the "My Alliance" screen, the MoW's name is yellow.
  • The Minister of Intelligence (MoI)-He's really just the second in command, the leader's helper. The MoI can do everything from marking alliances hostile/friendly/neutral to renaming the alliance. In the "My Alliance" screen, the MoI's name is purple-gray.

Also, all of these ministers and the leader have the ability to edit/delete markers, while regular alliance members can only create markers.

Alliance Relations

An alliance leader can label an alliance as either Peaceful or Hostile. This changes the color of their colonies and outposts to light green / teal for peaceful and red for hostile alliances. This allows your members to easily see who you consider to be friends and enemies and act accordingly. Other players and alliances cannot see these relationships and you cannot see what another alliance has labeled you.

Alliances that have not been given a status by the Alliance Leader remain Neutral.

Important: This does not change the way your colonies interact with each other. You cannot trade with a peaceful colony or sending units to their bases will still attack them. They are really friendly neutral or hostile neutral.

Depending on your alliance's play style, a peaceful alliance may be your most trusted ally, an uneasy neighbor or a potential target. A hostile alliance may just be a possible threat, your current target, or a vicious nemesis you have warred with for months. So just kill them all.


  1. Peaceful Is an alliance who has been marked as a friendly
  2. Hostile Is an alliance who has been marked as a enemy
  3. Caution Is an allience who has not been marked friendly or enemy but a good way to keep an eye on movements made by the clan.

Changing Alliance Name and Tag

A leader can change his alliance name or tag whenever he wants by going to the My Alliance board inside the Community area. You will find the following options on the left hand side of Page as demonstrated in Picture provided.

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