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Adopt-A-Newb Center is a program to help and assist new players in the game. It was created during the old client, but is still in use today with many modifications made to make it convenient and accessible. It is run by the Forum Moderation staff, and is a useful community run service to bring knowledge and understanding of Battle Dawn to new players, which also offers users to meet new and accommodating members of the community.

How it works

Adopt-A-Newb Center(Abbreviated AANC), works through the cooperation of all members in the community. New players, hindered in learning the game, use AANC to get back on their feet, and learn more. Mentors are veterans or good quality players of the game who volunteer their time to assist newbies or players wanting extra help.

The process is fairly simple, new players simply go to the forum thread for ANNC sign up using this form:

  • Name:
  • Language preferred:
  • Timezone:
  • Contact Details (Please state if it's MSN, Yahoo, or email...):
  • Experience (Optional):
  • Extra Info (Optional):
  • Preferred Mentor (Optional):

Then post it on the thread. The staff then picks a mentor convenient by your Language and Time Zone, and assigns him or her to you. The new player is responsible in contacting their assigned mentor.

Mentors are added through a different form. They are our biggest helpers, and contribute a lot to the aid of this service. The form to apply to mentor is:

  • In game name (IGN)/Forum Name:
  • Age:
  • Experience:
  • Timezone (in GMT):
  • Language(s) you could mentor in:
  • Contact Details:
  • Extra Info:

Mentors are chosen by the head of the service. To be a mentor, you must submit it to one of the following displayed after the application form by Personal Message (PM). Not all mentors get accepted, but please understand, it is due to the best interest of the community that teachers of the game are well qualified and you can always re-apply later if you were previously denied.


AANC brings a lot of services to the table. Many mentors often make alliances to help new players as well as link to valuable resources to learn the game such as guides, tools, and help. They are displayed at the very end of the thread with useable links.

Interested in AANC, then drop us a visit at our thread! You might learn something new. Apply for Newbie or Apply for Mentor, AANC is a beneficial program that is used by many members, and help us make it bigger!

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