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You can vote for us on 9 MMORPG directories. Voting for Battle Dawn on each site will give you 3 bonus tokens. You can only vote once every 24 hours. Once you click on a particular site link, you cannot click on it again until 24 hours have passed. The voting page will display how long you have to wait until you can vote again.

By voting, you will promote the game to people who search through the directories to find a suitable game for themselves. There are many games on their lists and the game with most votes stays on top. Most players usually play the top game they find, so this will bring more new players to the game.


To vote, first click on "Colony", then click on "Bonuses". Click on "Vote for us". This will take you to the page below:


Click on the pictures to be taken to the voting sites. Be sure to vote once you get to the site. Most sites have a botton that say "Do you wish to vote for BattleDawn?" Clicking this will post your vote and help bring more players to the world of BattleDawn!

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